11 November 2015

Japanese Protected Their Female Batrooms

Umbrella Selfie
After Houston, it is the turn of Japan to prevent the mentally-ill from taking over their female bathrooms and use it for something their anatomy is not designed of doing.

Last 8 November 2015, a Chinese male tourist in drag has been nabbed after he entered the female section of a seaside public bath because he said he wants to take selfies.

Xia Liang, 36, was arrested Sunday morning at the ancient Sakinoyu spa, a seaside open-air bath known for spectacular views in Wakayama prefecture in western Japan.

"He came there wearing what appeared to be a red or pinkish kimono and a brown long-haired wig that came to his chest," said an official with the police precinct in the town of Shirahama.

"He wore lipstick and had a manicure," the official said, adding that after undressing "he covered his torso with a towel".

Two female guests at the hot spring noticed the unusual visitor entering the facility's female dressing area and alerted staff when he brandished a selfie stick to take photos, the police official said.

Xia was arrested on a trespassing charge while his smartphone did not contain photos of any women at the bath, he added.

"He said he has been told that the views from the female bath were dazzling, although he knew he was not supposed to enter the women's side," the police official said.

"Usually, when these things happen, it has lewd elements. But this might be a bit different."

The man, who came to Japan on 5 November for a six-day visit with a woman, is being detained, the officer added.