14 December 2015

New Jersey is Now Better Off Without Her

Roselle Park
A New Jersey city council's decision to add the word "Christmas" to the name of its tree-lighting ceremony prompted one council member to step down because it "turned it from a non-religious event to a religious one" and she can't relate to it.

Charlene Storey announced her decision just minutes after the Roselle Park council approved the change last 3 December, NJ.comreported. Her resignation takes effect 7 January 2016, which is fortunate for everyone in the town of Roselle Park.

Storey, who was raised Catholic but describes herself as a non-believer, said the town's decision to change the ceremony's name from "A Tree Lighting" to "A Christmas Tree Lighting" favors one religion and allegedly "cuts non-Christians out of the loop."

Did she even bothered talking to other non-Christians in the city at all? How many were offended with the word "Christmas"?

Storey may have regretted having to resign because of her principle, but almost everyon in New Jersey are glad that she is gone and the city is better off without her at the council.

Roselle Park Mayor Carl Hokanson praised Storey for her work on the council. He said everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but also noted that each town can use whatever title it wants to use for the ceremony. And right now, majority there wants to call the tree a Christmas Tree.

"It's not a street, it's not a building, it's a Christmas tree," Hokanson said.

You heard that Storey? Now deal with it.