04 December 2015

Transgender Continue to Spread HIV-AIDS

Transgender Spreads AIDS
When somebody celebrates the World AIDS Day, they recognized the everyday lives and particular struggles of people around the world living with AIDS and HIV. They also remembers the danger the virus poses to the general population and how each should be responsible in ensuring that it does not spread.

However, one population has been defiant as they continue to frolic and flaunt their risky and dangerous lifestyle. According to recent findings from the World Health Organization (WHO) that analyzed data from 15 countries, transgender people are nearly 49 times more likely than the general population to contract HIV.

This means that they continue to indulge in despicable sexual practices and spreads the dangerous virus to everyone they make contact with. And they just don’t care.

According to health advocates, the transgender community's HIV problem remains an "invisible" epidemic, as they blatantly ignore health advocacy because they feel proud of what their sexual practices has brought them.

Human Rights Campaign's Noël Gordon, a senior specialist for HIV prevention and health equity, argues that transgender women "find themselves at the eye of a perfect storm" when it comes to contracting HIV. " Some of these factors include misplaced pride, poor decisions and lustful preference to engage in anal sex.

Employment and housing discrimination are major factors that push transgender women below the poverty level because they prefer that everything they need should be provided for by the taxpayers. Trans people also feel that they are privileged enough to call out anybody that agreeing with them as bigot.

Reports also claim that trans people prefer not to take regular work load in an employee-friendly environment, but chooses to engage in survival sex work in order to support themselves. Instead of admitting fault, many transgender favors a situation where, in order to support their sexual needs, he effectively has to put himself at risk for contracting HIV.

Bottomline is that trans lifestyle is what made them susceptible to HIV-AIDS and nothing else.