16 January 2016

Filipinos Are Concerned About Inflation and High Wages

Inflation and High Wages
In a survey by Pulse Asia and reported by ABS-CBNnews.com, it appears that controlling inflation and increasing salaries of workers are the top two most urgent national concerns for many Filipinos.

The survey, conducted last 4-11 December 2015, revealed that controlling inflation was chosen by 45 percent of Filipinos as the most urgent national concern, followed by improving/increasing the pay of workers with 42 percent.

Reducing poverty of many Filipinos was chosen by 38 percent of respondents.

Pulse Asia said 1,800 respondents who participated in the survey were asked to identify three national concerns that needed immediate action.

Other urgent national concerns cited in the Pulse Asia survey are: creating more jobs (34 percent), fighting graft and corruption (34 percent), fighting criminality (25 percent), increasing peace in the country (19 percent) and several others.

Pulse Asia noted the only national issue cited as urgent in any geographic area and socio-economic group is inflation which is identified as an urgent national concern by 54 percent of Mindanao residents. The most often mentioned concerns in Metro Manila and Class D are inflation (46 percent and 43 percent, respectively) and workers' pay (47 percent and 43 percent, respectively).

In the rest of Luzon, the leading national issues are workers' pay (42 percent), inflation (40 percent), poverty (35 percent), and jobs (35 percent).

For their part, Visayans are most concerned about workers' pay (44 percent), inflation (42 percent), poverty (42 percent), jobs (33 percent), and corruption (33 percent).

And while those in Class ABC are most concerned about inflation and poverty (49 percent and 34 percent, respectively), those in Class E are most concerned about inflation (48 percent), workers' pay (43 percent), and poverty (42 percent).

In a statement, Palace Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma noted that President Aquino has always endeavored to address the people's most important concerns.

He said the government has controlled inflation to a range of 1 to 1.5 per cent "through sound management of macroeconomic fundamentals."

He added interest rates on consumer loans have also been brought down. "Hence, consumer power has been enhanced considerably."

"The highest priority has also been given to reducing poverty and fighting corruption through good governance and public accountability. The government will continue to work hard to deliver public services satisfactorily and secure the well-being of our bosses - the Filipino people," Coloma said.