03 January 2016

"Goodbye Bading" Firecracker Banned

Goodbye Bading
A few days ago or just before the New Year celebration in the Philippines. Some quick-thinking firecracker makers have released a new product for Filipinos who are against gays and their lifestyles.

A new firecracker called "Goodbye Bading" or "Goodbye Gays" has popped up in stores in the Philippines. Because it packs the explosive power of a hand grenade, authorities promptly outlawed it.

In a demonstration, the police placed a whole chicken and watermelon on top of "Goodbye Bading" and lit the firecracker. The blast forced fragments of meat and fruit to reach an adjacent parking lot, and bits of chicken were found up in a tree.

The police found the new firecrackers in the province of Bulacan, which is a hub of fireworks and pyrotechnic manufacturers in the country. According to CNN, the police say that nearly half of fireworks dealers in the Philippines are in Bulacan.

The police make their rounds at firecracker stores each year before big celebrations. Several government agencies like the Department of Health and the Department of Trade and Industry, have also been putting pressure on illegal firecracker makers to desist, because of the dangers of large firecrackers that go beyond the stipulated limit of explosive powder.