24 February 2016

Charlotte Governor Prepares to Counter Attack

Gov. McRory
Residents of Charlotte in United States are bracing for an all-out war against the promoters of despicable behavior that seeks to expand the access of biological males to little girls' dressing areas.

Gov. Pat McCrory is in the head of the counter-attacking party that warned two Charlotte City Council members last 21 February that there would "most likely be an immediate state legislative intervention " after the city approves new legal protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

McCrory is concerned about a provision in the proposed expanded ordinance that would allow transgender residents to use either a men's or a women's bathroom. That part of the ordinance has also caused a furor in Charlotte and led to the ordinance being defeated 6-5 last year.

"It is not only the citizens of Charlotte that will be impacted by changing basic restroom and locker room norms but also citizens from across our state and nation who visit and work in Charlotte," McCrory said in an email to the council's two Republicans, Ed Driggs and Kenny Smith.

"This shift in policy could also create major public safety issues by putting citizens in possible danger from deviant actions by individuals taking improper advantage of a bad policy."

McCrory, a Republican, continued: "Also, this action of allowing a person with male anatomy, for example, to use a female restroom or locker room will most likely cause immediate State legislative intervention which I would support as governor."

Driggs and Smith voted against the ordinance a year ago and have been skeptical of it this year. McCrory’s email was sent after Driggs sent him an email last 21 February afternoon asking his opinion on the issue.