16 March 2016

Florida Parents Do Not Want LGBT-Enforced Policies

Florida Parents
Large crowd of parents and concerned individuals in Florida, U.S. came out last 24 February for an evening meeting about a proposed non-discrimination and employment policy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Brevard Public Schools.

After more than 90 LGBT policy opponents spoke to the school board, the board voted to kill the proposed policy, and said it would hold a public workshop on LGBT issues down the road.

Nearly 100 people signed up to speak at the meeting, and most of those who spoke were in opposition to the LGBT policy.

Friar Demetri Tsigas of Melbourne, a Greek Orthodox priest, said that the opposition of people of faith like himself was something school board members should heed. "You can see the spirit of the town here," Tsigas said. "This is not San Francisco, folks. This is Brevard County."

The policy opponents cheered each other on, whistled, clapped, and said "Amen" during the speeches of like-minded people. Some carried Bibles and signs.

Policy opponents said they feared the LGBT policy would mean that those who voice religious objections to gay marriage in local schools would be branded as bigots and disciplined for discrimination. Some opponents said they wanted to preach scripture in schools, and many said they were concerned about transgender individuals using public school bathrooms. They argued that the LGBT policy threatened morality.

During the speeches of LGBT policy advocates, some people booed.

They booed during the speech of Daniel Wall-DeSousa, a Heritage High teacher, who was the first speaker. He has been advocating for an LGBT non-discrimination policy for many months.

The discussion got heated at times. Robert Taylor of Malabar said, "Do we want delusional people of the opposite sex in our restrooms? No!" Many in the audience cheered.