05 March 2016

Men Can Enter Girls Bathroom

End of Innocence
If the Washington State Human Rights Commission will have it, they will allow men to enter girls' bathroom or restroom and other facilities and they cannot do anything about it.

One thing should be clear though, before the men enter the girls' bathroom, they should make sure that they dress up for the occasion, meaning dress up like a transgender. Once everyone in a public facility see them as such, they have no recourse but to accommodate the need of that person need and will hesitate any lingering urge to question the motive.

How can the State agency question the motive? They don't have proof that the man was there to harass and ogle at naked girls. They would be hard-pressed to prove that in court. As long as the person don't admit to their evil motive and twisted desires, they can't discriminate against him.

Unlike the stunt by one non-transgender man entering a women's locker room at a Seattle pool where he admitted he was there to make everyone in the area uncomfortable, a man who wants to enter a girls' bathroom should behave first like a trans and convince as many people in a public place that he is one before indulging himself.

But there is one effective way to enter the bathroom of the opposite gender is to be friends with the business owner. The Commission has outlined exactly how a business can go about protecting its patrons in sex-segregated spaces, but if the business owner is a friend, he or she can vouch for the insincere intention and not question the motive.

The statement from the Commission states,
"If a business has a reasonable belief that a person is in the wrong place, there is no rule that states that the person cannot be questioned and required to leave. If that person has entered a gender-segregated facility under false pretenses, and is asked to leave, then it is quite unlikely that the person will pursue a civil rights complaint. If they do, the subsequent investigation will uncover that the person is not protected under the law, and the complaint will be closed with no further action.

If a business makes an honest mistake, and requires a protected person to leave a facility, and the wronged person files a civil rights complaint, the Human Rights Commission will look upon this as an opportunity for education, not for punitive action. The Human Rights Commission cannot impose fines, cannot throw anybody in jail, and will not seek an outcome disproportionate to the action; rather it will seek a mutual resolution among the parties."
If a sex predator can suppress that "reasonable belief" by any means possible, then they are free as a bird.

This is the intention of the Transgender Protection Bill and its only the beginning.