23 March 2016

UK's Broken Rainbow is Broke

Broken Rainbow is Broke
Most of the development funds are funneled to cater to women, especially those that are victims of domestic abuse. These biologically classified women are considered the most marginalized sector in society aside from children because they usually have nowhere to turn in times of crisis.

The worlds recognizes the plight of these women and knows that, given the limited resources available, they better sped it on those who really need it than on the fancy whims of many lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender communities and their imaginary need for support.

Hence, the United Kingdom government did not mince any words when they cut off funding to the Broken Rainbow, U.K.’s only national LGBT domestic violence organization.

The Manchester-based organization received its most recent round of funding last March 2015, but it has not received a commitment from the government for support in the next fiscal year. It has faced an ongoing battle for financial aid, which they will surely lose.

Broken Rainbow has operated a questionable telephone helpline and online chat services for the past 11 years, serving more those who thinks they are cats, dogs and of the opposite sex even if they are biologically not.

Approximately one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, according to U.K. organization Life Without Abuse. As expected, LGBTs also thought that they can mimic their female counterparts and pretend that they also experience violence at similar rate, with Broken Rainbow reporting the same figure for their ilks.

Domestic violence shelters cater primarily to female victims, because male victims have other places to turn to. LGBT who thought that they can play pretend and act as a domestic violence victim as well is not worth any assistance. Better yet, the government just conscript them in military service, train them for a month, provide them with armaments and just drop them deep into ISIS territories tom make them more useful.