09 April 2016

Donald Trump Still Stands Despite Media Attacks

Trump Leads
An online essay by Randy Edwards critically describes how mainstream media is being controlled by the useless liberals to discredit the frontrunning Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Entitled, "Political Dramas: The Current Desperate Media and Political Establishment," the essay warned of more bigited attack from the left in the coming days before the Republican priary on 7 June.

Here's the whole essay:
"More and more nasty attacks aimed at Mr. Donald Trump and painted him into a villain. It started with Democratic Party, Mr. Obama, with the support of CNN, NPR, NBC, CBS, ABC, and all other anchors and media celebrities.

In the last 2 weeks, the media focused on negative attacks from GOP internal candidates, GOP big honchos, GOP power brokers, GOP established agendas to sabotage his current leading status.

The more voters vote for Mr. Trump, the more vicious attacks and slams will be invented to smear Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump's campaign team, and later on Mr. Trump's electing team.

A famous Chinese saying says, "The most powerful person is the one who has no hidden desires from others' money." It is more accurate in political and media arenas. When Mrs. Clinton accepted so much illegal donations from political power brokers and media moguls domestically and internationally, how could Mrs. Clinton be honest with average American voters and make honest decision to protect ordinary American voters' safety and future, once she gets elected as the president?

Russian developed the most powerful socialism and communism propaganda machines through media and they called their successful journalists, writers, anchors as "social engineers".

American media and all major mainstream media are pro-left innately, not objective at all. American voters are simply downgraded to become brainless foot soldiers who can be spoon fed the media's twisted pro-left propaganda and voted for the president candidates under media's spell and "social engineering". After the "social engineering", American people's rights in safety, success, and happiness will be slayed by their elected president through passing complex legislature, signing executive orders, and weakening military defense silently, etc.

Please watch the program on 4/2/16, "Rising Threat and Shrinking Military." Mr. Obama was elected by the media and media's successful "social engineering" and now the impact of Mr. Obama's presidency is infiltrated into American's political, judicial, and military systems to become weaker and weaker each day without American voters' notice or awareness.

On 10/12/2015, Mr. Obama claimed that Mr. Donald Trump is a joke and Mr. Obama would beat Mr. Trump easily and win the 3rd term as a president. Mr. Obama also said that in terms of his 3rd term eligibility and winning, it all depended on the political pundits. There is no mention about "We, The People" and American voters and American people's concerns but his own winning glory and pundits' power brokerage.

Mr. Trump, be tough and be strong for American voters. The stronger you are, the more desperate the media, Democratic Party and political power brokers become, the more ugly and threatening the attacks will be. Remind American voters what has happened when American presidency became the puppet show of pro-left media moguls and international wealthy leaders and merchants.

Remind American voters who they truly are and the real power is in their voice and their votes. Use the truth and facts to wake up American people and see the current "political, financial and defenseless hostage" position that American people is falling into NOW.

Adopt the political correctness approach to respond to celebrity anchors' questions and media's tricks. Always say the beautiful words that they like to hear. Pause more and say 'the issue you point out is very important and it requires more time to form special committee and formulate thorough policies and solutions.'"