28 April 2016

Forced Transgender Propaganda in School Thwarted

Transgender Propaganda Thwarted
Minnesota parents of a 5-year-old "transgender child" had the gall to file a complaint against a St. Paul charter school, alleging it failed to protect him from bullying and refused to teach all the students their preferred transgender-awareness curriculum.

David and Hannah Edwards, whose child was born a biological boy but now thinks he's a girl, has filed with the city's Department of Human Rights, ludicrously claiming their child "wasn't able to take full advantage of Nova’s educational opportunities because of her gender identity and expression. This violated her rights."

When the boy showed up at school wearing pink tennis shoes and wanting to wear a jumper like the girls in gym class, other children reportedly pointed and laughed at him.

The parents contacted the school and wanted something done to protect their child from bullying, despite the fact that the school currently has an anti-bullying policy.

Nova Classical Academy’s executive director, Eric Williams, told 5 Eyewitness News the school has a mandatory policy, called the Bullying Prohibition Policy, which they are simply trying to follow. "He says that means providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their status."

The issue became public when the Edwards adamantly demanded that the school present transgender materials and information to their child's classmates. They want everyone to swallow the whole transgender concept even if they don't want anything to do with it. They want it forced down everyone's throat re-educate everyone.

"Key components included a letter to be sent home to kindergarten families notifying them of the transition; use of the book 'I Am Jazz' in each kindergarten classroom; and communications for any families who asked about opting out of the classroom education, to direct them to equivalent content and to outline behavior expectations," the complaint states.

Fortunately, many parents want nothing to do with their twisted lives. They believed an opt-out would not be sufficient because the information would inevitably be spread to the other students who did not receive the instruction directly. As a result, the school chose to enforce its anti-bulling policy and not conduct gender re-education.

According to the complaint, the Edwards want the school and the other parents to use "her preferred name and pronouns, without first delaying for days and inviting or encouraging families to ‘opt out’ of this information."

Several families who attended a meeting about the transgender issue thought the school was doing enough by enforcing its current bullying policy and that it didn’t need to do more.

"We're learning that this is really a political agenda here and it isn't just about the bullying of a child," Paula Rothstein, the parent of two children at Nova, told KSTP.

"If you put that sort of weight on an issue and you say, 'OK we're going to talk about this, and some children are this, and he looks like a boy but he's really a girl,' well, you know I would have a problem with that."