21 April 2016

Sweden Had Enough of Miscreant Migrants

Sweden Rejects Migrants
Sweden is set to deport 80,000 migrants, or immigrants, who have applied for VISAS that have been rejected. This number is a little more or less than half of the total number of people that have been taken in recently, overall. It's also a number that makes Sweden the highest per-capita in accepting refugees from Muslim countries in recent times. This en masse importation of "refugees" is not without any reason.

From the beginning of their humanitarian efforts to accept war refugees, they have been inundated with many people who wish to simply leech off of the state and cause harm to the native people. There has been an increasing incident of reported rapes. Petty theft, assault, general discontent and a lack of social cohesion is happening. Many common citizens feel like they are not being treated fairly by politicians who allow refugees, migrants, immigrants, to flood their towns and cities without much restraint.

The interior ministry has called on police and migration authorities to prepare for a sharp increase in deportations, and to arrange charter flights to expel refused asylum seekers to their country of origin. Sweden is also approaching other EU countries, including Germany, to discuss cooperation to increase efficiency and make sure flights are filled to capacity, it said.

The revelation that a large proportion of asylum seekers will be turned down, and as many as half of failed applications will be forcibly ejected, sends another signal to refugees that Sweden is no longer extending the warm welcome it offered to them just a few months ago.

As is the story in Germany where a 16 year old young girl recently made a plea on her Facebook page that has gone viral. She spoke about being harassed by North African Arab Muslims for simply wearing a t-shirt. They called her a whore and glared at her as if she was inhuman. She said that the men of Germany, and other European countries such as Sweden, France, UK, and more, all need to step up and protect their women and children. She expressed contempt for Angela Merkel and her lack of action to remedy the pressing issue.

Apparently, Sweden has listened to this young girl and many other people. They are cracking down on immigration from the third world, and it's about time.