05 May 2016

Cities Will Follow North Carolina's Lead

Mayor Pruitt
Rockwall, Dallas Mayor Jim Pruitt told WFAA-TV (Channel 8) that he thinks his proposed ordinance that would require people to use public bathrooms based on their biological sex has a good chance of passing.

The item went before the council recently, with a final vote scheduled for 16 May.

"I just think that it's insanity not to have those protections in place," Pruitt told Channel 8. "These folks aren't transgender that this is targeting. This is targeting folks of the opposite sex that are going into those restrooms under the guise of being transgender and having access."

"Neither the mayor or other council members have expressed an interest in speaking about the issue before the meeting tonight," city spokeswoman Lauri Dodd said last 29 April.

Equality Texas board chairman Steve Rudner said last 2 May that he was hopeful the mayor would withdraw the ordinance before the meeting. He could always do that because its free anyway.

Pruitt told Channel 8 it’s a matter of public safety, a first order of business in any community.

"This is not about sexual orientation or anything of that nature," Pruitt said. "It is about privacy and the protection of our children."

Rudner says, instead, violence against transgender people would escalate under the proposal to make a birth certificate the determining factor of which restroom to use.

"Well, because that person may be a little uncomfortable, we should put children at risk? I don’t think so," the mayor said.

The reaction on social media was largely in favor of Mayor Pruitt. Many applauded the bathroom regulation on Facebook, saying it "restored sanity and common sense." Others said it was necessary, calling the proposal “a solution to the growing societal menace."

Earlier, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick put up a petition on his website blasting politicians and companies that favor allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. He stopped short of saying he supports Texas passing a bill like North Carolina's.