18 June 2016

"Transgender" Literally Means "Anything" To Anyone

Tranny Bathroom
When U.S. President Barrack Obama declared through the Department of Justice and Department of Education last 13 May that that every public school facility should no longer have sex-distinct bathrooms, he really means that no school facility should be restricted to either male or female.

The problem with the directive is not only confined to the illegal usurpation of state mandate, but the vague definition of what 'transgender' really means.

Nearly all LGBT advocacy organizations define “gender identity” similarly. The concern is captured in two words: “internal sense.” Gender identity is what the person says it is.

Given this, the Obama administration explains clearly on page 3 of its directive, “a school must treat students consistent with their gender identity [i.e. their internal sense of themselves] even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex.

The student’s subjective claim is more authoritative than any official document or biological reality, which highlights an important point that there is no legal, physical, or psychological criteria for being transgender.

Most people assume that being “transgender” is a diagnosable or legal category that one meets by making certain observable changes or being declared such by a medical or psychological professional. This is not the case.

One is to be accepted as transgender simply by declaring it so. Nothing in current gender theory, or in this DOE/DOJ directive, can disprove a student’s claim to be transgender and then not transgender multiple times back and forth before the school day’s lunch break.

The administration merely puts its faith in the na├»ve assumption that all will simply be honest about their real “authentic sense of gender” when entering school restrooms and locker room showers. Any student (or shopper at Target, for instance) who is questioned need only reply in one of two ways:
  1. "You’re telling me I’m not a girl?"
  2. "You are violating my dignity and personal essence by questioning my own 'internal sense of gender.'"
This means that the transgender person need not show any external confirmation of his claim.

He need not be diagnosed or meet any criteria of change. If a transgender person wishes to make no outward physical change at all, that is his or her decision that everyone must honor. After all, a foundational tenet of gender theory is that the “boys-look-like-this-and-girls-look-like-that” expectation is merely an illusory social construct and unhealthy expectation that must be overthrown. (A glaring and damning contraction in gender theory is that being male or female are merely illusory constructs. But if you are a trans man or woman, that is actually and truly who you are and you are heroically worthy of great praise in announcing this to the world.)

The policy guidelines from the U.S. Department of Education accompanying the Obama administration’s directive state this subjectivity clearly: “Schools generally rely on students’…expression of their gender identity."

This profound subjectivity and policy protection of it practically and legally opens all public school restrooms, showers, and locker rooms to anyone, as it would be a violation of one’s individual identity and autonomy to question the legitimacy of one’s claim of being transgender.