24 June 2016

Turkish Conservatives Vowed To Stop "Gay Parades"

Gays are known to intimidate everyone who doesn't agree with their deviant sexual behavior and they are doing it again. This time, their target are the people in Istanbul, Turkey.

Fortunately, the ultra-nationalist and conservative groups have pledged to do "what is necessary" to stop the planned Gay Pride.

In a press conference last 14 June, Alperen Hearths, the youth group loyal to far-nationalist Great Union Party (BBP), promised to intervene to stop the 26 June street march.

The despicable Pride Parade and Pride Week Istanbul (20-26 June) have taken place since 2003, attracting very few people from Turkey, but is popular among the gay foreigners who wants to stamp their gayness on everyone, including countries that don't want anything to do with them.

"Dear state officials, do not make us deal with these. Either you do what is needed or we will do it. We are ready to take any risks; we will directly prevent the march from happening," the Alperen Hearths Istanbul provincial head, Kursat Mican, told journalists.

"[We] will not allow degenerates to carry out their fantasies on this land, which our ancestors left us by paying a heavy price ... We are issuing our warning now. We said what is going to happen and are not responsible for what will happen after this point," Mican added.

A group that calls itself the Anatolia Muslim Youth Association made similar threats on social media earlier in the week, promising to take action "to prevent faggots from marching".

"We are responsible to intervene into the perversion allowed by the secular republic," said the flyers of the group promoted on social media.