02 July 2016

Steven Crowder Destroys Transgender Health Arguments

Louder with Crowder
You get the idea: liberal transgender advocates are using the core welfare benefits on which many Americans benefit from — equal access to health services — to justify special hormonal treatment and sex change operation.

On its surface, the argument might sound difficult to dismantle: if a gay person with mental disorder believes that he or she evolved to change what nature gave at birth, then the Government should provide what it (he or she?) needs because every American citizen is entitled to health care packages whatever they may be. Failure to do so would mean a denial of their basic right.

Not so fast, says Steven Blake Crowder is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, host of Louder with Crowder, former contributor for the Fox News Channel, and regular guest on TheBlazeof.

In his YouTube video, Crowder points out to his guest, Zack Ford of Think Progress, that this is far from the first time that transgender and gay advocates has demanded for special treatment in he health care services. Worse, they want the taxpayer's money to fund their despicable attempt to become hideous creatures.

As seen in the video below, Ford had plenty of assertions, but zero facts to buttress his arguments. Also, turns out his arguments? They're not accurate. Ford says doctors frequently deny transgender people "medical care," but his definition of medical care isn’t treating the flu, or an injury, but denying hormonal treatment for their transition. So leftists like Ford toss cross-hormonal treatment denial, in with "medical care."

Ford also stated AIDS is an "epidemic." When Steven asked him to define what he meant by providing numbers on how many people had AIDS? Ford couldn't give numbers. Despite calling AIDS an "epidemic."

Fortunately, every health worker in the United States have numbers. Spoiler-alert: they’re not epidemic. Also AIDS? Entirely preventable.

This is major lesson in how to debate a leftist. They have plenty of assertions, plenty of arguments, lots of feelings, plenty of emotions. Zero facts. The best way to debate a leftist like Zack Ford, who makes so many arguments and loves to paint people as intolerant, is to ask him/her/ze/zir for the proof of their arguments.