21 July 2016

Transgenders Encourage More Attacks on Real Women

Rodney Cavness
The superintendent of a Texas school district became famous a few days ago for saying what everyone had in mind, but were fearful of verbally expressing it, that the White House's guidance letter on transgender kids and school bathrooms was "going straight to the shredder."

The response was just as expected, and so Rodney Cavness complained on Fox News that "I've been called everything you can be called this week ... hateful, bigoted ... it is simply not like that."

He’s right. The problem isn't hate; it's senseless argument of those in the left side of the political spectrum: the liberals. In fact, in Cavness’s five-minute interview, he was able to highlight three important facts that LGBT's were having problems arguing.

Transgenderism Was Based on a Simple Whim
First, the White House was demanding that schools "let transgender kids use any bathroom they want." That's right. Those at the ruling party wants it easy for anybody to just put on a wig and and say that they consider themselves female like one of the protesters at Target did recently.

They can go into "any bathroom [you] want" and claim that it is a psychological diagnosis. Yeah right! Anybody can claim that and since there are no gender dysphoria experts in all bathrooms, they immediately get a free pass.

Gender dysphoria is real, but who will conform and validate that inside a bathroom? The sex pervert? Nice try.

In terms of schools, it means a handful of sexually aware boys who are willing to experiment inside the girls bathroom. Boys always want to get inside the girls room and they will do whatever they can if they are not checked.

Unreasonable Accommodations are Still Unreasonable
Interestingly, Cavness said in the interview that his school district had trans kids in it, and that it had "accompanied [sic] these students as parents have asked" —probably he meant "accommodated."

"These children don't want to be called out," he said.

But the White House letter would probably change that. It requires special accommodation such as single-stall facility.

Ideally, kids should use the biologically-appropriate facility, which is what schools like all this time. The letter means the Justice Department is going to second-guess that.

Safety is The Only Real Issue Here
Finally, Cavness said "my job is to keep kids safe and I will do that," adding that he has four daughters himself.

There are several cases already about biologically male sex predators assaulting women in restrooms. And now the White House letter is requiring unisex bathrooms, or boys in the girls’ room, or other frightening prospects.

The liberals want to spread the fear and lie that it is the transgender people who are assaulted at shocking rates, and are in urgent need of more serious legal protection.

So Cavness is right. In North Carolina, for example, the danger posed on women was used as a pretext for overturning all LGBT special privileges and even, somehow, the minimum wage.

These aren’t the vulnerable and special group of people who needs protection. These are devious, underhanded and sexually-deviant group who wants to ram all kinds of reactionary legislation down the (deep) throats of an unsuspecting, uneducated, and terrified public. So that's why it's hard to take people like the liberals at their word when they say they're worried about their safety.