12 August 2016

Raise a Gun To Cops and You're Dead

All police officers have the right to defend themselves and this was made more evident when three officers with the Baltimore County arrived at Korryn Gaines’ apartment around 9:20 A.M. last 1 August to serve warrants to her as well as a man who also resided there.

The man was wanted on an assault charge, while Gaines, 23, had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court after a traffic violation in March.

According to police, no one responded to 10 minutes of door knocking, even though they could hear several people inside. When officers obtained a key to the apartment, they found Gaines sitting on the floor — her 5-year-old son was wrapped in one of her arms. In her other hand was a shotgun.

The scene is clearly about a deranged woman who is using her child as a shield and at the same time ready to shoot at cops. More importantly why subject a innocent child to that situation. If she was an intelligent person and a good mother she would of answered the door, raised her hand in the air and took care of her warrant.

Around 3:00 P.M., after several hours of negotiation, police say Gaines raised the gun at officers and told them that she would kill them if they did not leave. The officers opened fire.

"Perceiving not only her actions, but the words she used, we discharged one round at her, in turn she fired several rounds back at us," Police Chief Jim Johnson said during a news conference. "We fired again at her, striking and killing her. Tragically in this circumstance, the child that was also in the dwelling was struck by a round."

The boy is expected to survive. The officers involved may go on administrative leave as the shooting is investigated.

The man being sought fled the home with a 1-year-old child, but was later taken into custody, police said.

The shooting of Gaines and her son — who police say had non-life-threatening injuries — quickly prompted national support among millions of cop supporters around the globe who are tired of racist activists demanding special privileges just because they are uneducated and rude.

Guess who supports this kind of behavior from a dangerous woman ... Black Live Matter (BLM). Nuff said!