10 August 2016

WANTED: Allan Contreras Averilla

Allan Contreras
A CCTV video went viral last 6 August showing a man shooting a couple at the back of their heads after emerging from a barangay hall where they met to settle their dispute.

The video was posted by a friend of a couple identified as Mr. Dave and Angel Abello. The gunman was known as Allan Contreras Averilla, 38, who remained at large.

Facebook user Kotaro Minami claimed that the victims and Averilla were residents of Minuyan, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. The two parties faced each other in the town’s barangay hall attending a case hearing filed by the victims.

According to Minami, Dave Abello filed a complaint to the barangay against Averilla for death threats and physical injury after Allan learned that Dave cited him as the one who stole a Mio motorcycle in Towerville.

The report further stated that, in revenge, Averilla manhandled Dave Abello in their home in Tialo. The suspect also reportedly slapped Angel and dragged her outside their home. Dave Abello also said that the suspect shot at his foot twice.

Fearing for their lives, the couple moved out of their home. However, their fear was realized when they met at the barangay hall. Dave demanded that Allan should pay them PhP 30,000 as compensation for the physical injuries. However, the suspect reportedly refused to pay up and offered PhP 5,000 only.

It was on their third hearing that the shooting happened, Minami narrated.

In the CCTV footage, the victims can be seen on their way out of the barangay hall while the suspect followed them closely behind. Without warning, the suspect pulled his gun and shoot Abello (whose back was turned against him), in the head before shooting the woman.

The remorseless killer even went back to retrieve his motorcycle parked just beside the dead couple’s bodies before driving off.

The Facebook page "Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa" said the suspect is now being hunted and is asking anyone for any information that would lead to the suspect’s arrest.

Due to its sensitivity, the clip cannot be posted on this page.