16 September 2016

Hillary Clinton is Becoming Frail and Weak

Hillary Leaves
Many are noticing the signs and everything is saying that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is one frail and weak candidate. Worse, she did not even reveal to everyone before the campaign that she is sick.

Clinton recently suffered coughing fits followed by a near-collapse during New York’s 9/11 memorial ceremony last 11 September. She left the ceremony early, claiming overheatedness, and then weave her way, lose her footing and pitch forward as she approached her car, as captured on a cellphone video below.

To try and contain the damaging image and video, Clinton’s campaign tried to downplay anything and said that Clinton has pneumonia. That's right, PNEUMONIA.

Most by now are familiar with the fallout — speculation about her health, concerns about her transparency in not reporting her illness sooner — all amid the furor over Clinton's weird comment at a fundraiser about half of Donald Trump's followers belonging in a "basket of deplorables."

Since when does she like to use such words, which don’t sound at all like Clinton?

Clinton's basket may as well have been delivered to Trump with a bottle of champagne and a bow. As she tried to take back what she said by apologizing for speaking too broadly about too many Americans — suffering the inevitable comparison to Mitt Romney’s "47 percent" — Trump glided along like a true gentleman and took the high road.

Rather than harp on the already popular trope that Clinton isn't physically strong enough to be president, he said he hopes she recovers soon so that they can meet in debate.

Replay after replay shows the coughing fit and then the weave-and-bob of her 9/11 episode. Anchors and commentators hit auto-pundit to produce the question du jour: Can this woman handle the presidency?

Clinton is definitely not fine. She cannot handle the demands of being an American President. America could never be great with a very sick leader. There are already rumors that her party is looking for her replacement.