30 September 2016

Surveys Showed Trump a Clear Winner in Debate

Debate Polls
A couple of reliable and mainstream snap polls conducted online revealed that Donald Trump was the clear winner of the first presidential debate a a few nights ago.

A Time.com poll has the Republican nominee leading Hillary Clinton by four percentage points – 52 percent to 48 percent – after more than 1,300,000 votes were cast.

To downplay the significance of the numbers, Time cautions that its survey, like other such polls, is "not statistically representative of likely voters, and are not predictive of the debate outcome will effect the election." Aren't all polls supposed to be like that?

The Time survey measure which nominee has "the most energized online supporters."

Trump took to Twitter to show more dominant leads from polls by conservative news site Breitbart, CNBC and others.

His biggest lead comes from the results of a Drudge Report survey, where the business mogul garnered 80 percent of the votes. Drudge Report is a popular news aggregator.