20 September 2016

Trump's Healthier Side and Hillary's Pneumonia Recovery

Donald Trump
Unlike his presidential nemesis Hillary Clinton, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is as healthy as a horse. Trump even shared the results of a physical examination during a television appearance, despite an earlier assertion by his campaign that no medical information would be divulged.

A clip has been released from the interview and in it, Trump offers to reveal the results of a recent physical exam.

"I have really no problem doing it," Trump says in the clip.

"I have it right here. Should I do it?" he asks the crowd.

"It's two letters: one is the report and one is from Lenox Hill Hospital," he says, handing the papers over to the show's host, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Earlier, Trump's campaign aides said that he would not be releasing medical records during the taping of an appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show."

After the taping, however, a press release from the show stated that the Republican presidential nominee did in fact share some personal medical information.

On the other hand, Clinton recently suffered coughing fits followed by a near-collapse during New York's 9/11 memorial ceremony last 11 September. She left the ceremony early, claiming overheatedness, and then weave her way, lose her footing and pitch forward as she approached her car, as captured on a cellphone video below.

Clinton is definitely not fine. She cannot handle the demands of being an American President. America could never be great with a very sick leader. There are already rumors that her party is looking for her replacement.

Trump is not fainting or having epileptic brain seizes or symptoms of Parkinson's disease. He is not wearing Zeiss z1 blue anti seizure eye glasses. He's not being rushed off somewhere to rest and recover from pneumonia. No one is grabbing each arm and helping him up the stairs. It is pretty safe to assume that he is in much better health than his political opponent.

Trump is also not the basket case that the deplorable basket case is accusing him of. Isn't it strange how Hillary mocks him as if she is looking in the mirror and describing herself.