10 January 2017

Again, The Chicago Teen Torturers Are Blacks

Black Chicago Teens
After four black teenagers from Chicago were caught by the Police for torturing a white mentally-challenged person, reports from various liberal outlets tried to downplay the horrific incident. There was even one who tried to hide the races and make it appear that the suspects are white people.

A CBS Radio News report falsely implied that the victim was black and his attackers were white, Mediaite reported. One listener on Reddit flagged the brief last 5 January morning report which refused to clarify the races of the parties involved, deceptively suggesting that the roles were reversed.

The brief says:

"The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally-challenged teenager.

In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack."
As Alex Griswold at Mediaite noted, the report, while technically correct, was very misleading.

"The n-word was indeed used to refer to the victim, but only in the more neutral sense that is often used in black vernacular. Omitted from the report are details that would [have] corrected that misapprehension. Most obviously, the report could have simply stated the attackers' and victim’s races. But it also neglected to clarify that the 'reference' to Donald Trump was 'F*** Donald Trump,' and neglected completely the fact that the attackers yelled 'F*** white people.'"
Is this another case of of stupefying political correctness?