12 January 2017

"Beauty And The Beast" Doll Likened To A Transgender

The movie was pumped and hyped by Disney to ensure that the live-action version of the "Beauty And The Beast" will give them another milking cow from the sale of toys and other merchandise. However, one doll is the subject of some less than flattering chatter after some onlookers are saying that she happens to like a masculine transgender.

According to a report from BuzzFeed News, a photo of the "Belle" doll, a character in the film played by Emma Watson, was posted by photographer William Herrington after he saw her at a mall. After posting the image (above) to his Flickr account, the chatter around the doll began to spread across social media.

"I may think I'm unattractive but at least I’m not as bad as the Emma Watson Belle doll," tweeted Twitter user @KaitlinWitcher.

he doll which is available from American store JC Penney has been immensely popular online for the wrong reasons. Social media users have pointed out it looks nothing like Watson and more like a tranny or a female version of Justin Bieber.

Some commenters advised buyers to use their money to buy a Barbie doll instead because it is ore pleasing to the eye and is less offensive. Barbie dolls may have unrealistic body measurements, but at least it is more tolerable compared to an oversize head, muscular face and jaundiced, dead-eyed figure.

Some who were less cruel it their description, likened the doll to Kristin Stewart’s Twilight character in her dying scenes. Poor Emma Watson should ask for lifetime reparations for this cruel injustice.

Because this image is probably going to haunt your dreams tonight, here’s a Belle palate-cleanser in the form of the brand new "Beauty and the Beast" trailer: