27 January 2017

Elite Sororities Abhor Transgender Trying To Join Them

A Northwestern University freshman in the United States, who recently came out as transgender, tried to join a sorority this month, yearning to extend her detestable lifestyle on young women on campus.

The case is unusual because the student is a transgender, born with a female body but mentally programmed as male, and already beginning to think that he really has a ding-dong. Eighteen-year-old Ms. Davies said she was drawn to the tenets of Greek life — philanthropy, bonding and leadership — but that with her changing body she might not feel comfortable living in a fraternity.

So he sought out the sisterhood of a sorority instead. It did not occur to her to organize a group with her similar mental condition because she knows that it could probably generate 2 members out of a million population.

"I guess I see it on a level that transcends the gender binary," said Davies, of Appleton, Wis.

While many no popular sororities have in the last few years adopted any language to accommodate the mentally-ill people , this was among the first instances in which a transgender participated in Panhellenic Recruitment, according to the organization's national conference based in Indianapolis, which covers 26 social sororities on more than 670 campuses around the world. Northwestern officials believe this is likely the first case of its kind at the university and ill be the last because nobody wants to have a mentally-deranged member who doesn't know the difference between a male and a female.

As expected, no sorority extended Davies a bid. Even if each chapter's membership decisions are private, it's pretty obvious that her gender confusion was a factor. Other students with similar medical condition in the past have attempted to join a sorority without receiving a bid.

Davies said she's disappointed she won't experience a candlelight ceremony, wear Greek letters or have a mentoring relationship with an older sorority member. It did not occur to her that even if they wanted, nobody in these sororities have a mental distortion of their gender to be able to be a 'mentor' to her.