08 January 2017

Illegals Are Aliens, Let's Call Them That

Former immigration agent Michael Cutler made some sense when he told Newsmax TV that the United States' immigration system needs "clarity," and using the term alien again will get things on that track.

Cutler told "America Talks Live" host Bill Tucker he would like the incoming administration start to clean things up.

"Let's understand that unlike American citizens, foreign nationals have no inherent right to enter the United States," said Cutler, who has more than 30 years of immigration enforcement experience. "This isn't about not letting anybody in, but it's like being a responsible homeowner who carefully looks through their peephole before unlocking his door to a stranger.

"And we've got to go back to using the word alien because it provides clarity to the conversation. We had a problem with the administration not wanting to talk about radical Islamists. They don't want to talk about aliens either and we should. The term alien simply means any person, not a citizen or a national of the United States. There's no insult, only clarity. And at a time like this, we need clarity."

Cutler also said America needs to learn more from terror attacks that occur across the world, such as the recent incident at a Berlin Christmas market, along with the 11 September 2001 attacks.

"We need to have a government that has some common sense and integrity," Cutler said. "Integrity is something that has been lacking from the Obama administration; it's been lacking from local government.

"When you create sanctuaries for illegal aliens and our border are our first and last line of defense, how in the world do you deal with this schizophrenic message that's being broadcast loudly and clearly by the politicians, if you see something say something?

"If you look at the 9/11 Commission, what they found is that first and foremost it was multiple failures of the immigration system that enabled the terrorists [to come to the U.S.]."