15 January 2017

Stay Away from Gay Teachers Or This Might Happen

Gay Teacher
Minor students should be very careful with their gay teachers. They are usually up to no good and should be banned from teaching. Just like their brethren who serves as priests, gay teachers are inherently programmed by their despicable thoughts to use their authority to abuse sexually children.

In one Minnesota elementary school, police documents revealed that a teacher and his partner had sexual contact with eight underage boys over several years. The suspects are teacher Aric Babbitt and Matthew Deyo. Fortunately, the two was found dead in August in what appears to be a murder-suicide in Washington state, sparing the taxpayer's money.

Neither was charged in relation to the abuse allegations yet because the investigation is on-going. The evidence have been mounting for days now before the twin deaths. the demise of the suspects came shortly after a 16-year-old boy and his parents went to South St. Paul police to report an ongoing sexual relationship between the teen and the men.

The 134-page investigative file obtained by the St. Paul Pioneer Press shows the case went beyond the teen’s allegations. According to the documents, seven other boys came forward after the 16-year-old’s allegations became public.

Although police have said previously that they suspected additional victims, the number was not clear until the case file, which included a final report, was released.

In addition, the report included details about videos investigators found, including ones that show Babbitt filming himself masturbating in a Lincoln Center Elementary School bathroom and in his empty classroom, near a student’s desk.

Babbitt’s father, Dana Babbitt, was superintendent of the South St. Paul school district from 2003 to 2007 and previously was the principal at South St. Paul High School.