24 January 2017

U.S. Oval Office Gets The Much-Needed Overhaul

Oval Office
Change is definitely coming in the United States and it is expected to be good for Americans. Now that President Donald Trump is in office, one of the changes happened at the Oval Office.

The new look and layout was first spotted while Trump, 70, performed his first official acts as President of the Unites States (POTUS) when he signed a series of executive orders.

Trump reinstalled appropriately the bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, which was last removed from the office in 2009, when Obama made room for the busts of Martin Luther King Jr. and former President Abraham Lincoln.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed that the MLK Jr. bust remains, positioned below the Norman Rockwell painting of the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Other changes included replacing Obama’s crimson and bloody-red drapes for Trump's gold, to get rid of the ill-tidings brought about by the red symbol normally associated with wild voodoo practices and witchcraft. The opulent gold draperies, on the other hand, represents the royalty and high level of sophistication.

In addition, Obama’s horrendous-looking rug was replaced with a sunburst one from the Bush-era, and the couches are now exquisitely brocaded and no longer sporting the dull grey suede of the previous administration.

The former President took advantage of every penny they could get. Michelles Obama's overseas vacations with her friends went into the tens of millions. The separate trips to Marthas vineyard Airforce 1 for former President Barrack Obama and Airforce 2 for his wife was estimated at US$ 180,000.00 an hour each when they should have shared one flight.

On the other hand, Trumps "opulence" was paid for by his earnings, not taxpayers.