05 January 2017

Why Are They Still Here?

Lena Durham and Amy Schumer
Now, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that some liberal actresses are now only people who can't be trusted, but are also people who tries to put blame on others for their failure to live up to their words.

Kathryn Hopkins of Mansion Global thought that after the voters has decided that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States, there would be a barrage of "for sale" signs popping up outside some of L.A. and Manhattan’s most luxurious homes. It has not happened yet and may not happen soon though.

Amy Schumer said in September that Spain would be her destination of choice, Lena Dunham was planning a Vancouver move and Miley Cyrus also promised to leave, but didn’t specify where she'd go.

Others, who made similar comments, include Bryan Cranston, Chelsea Handler, Samuel L. Jackson, Ne-Yo and Barbra Streisand.

However, since Donald Trump’s stunning win, a few have already come out to say their comments weren’t serious or that they have decided to stay following Hillary Clinton’s gracious concession speech. This are the kinds of excuses that everyone should expect from these liberal celebrities form her on.

"First of all the interview where I said I would move was in London and was said in jest ....Anyone saying pack your bags is just as disgusting as anyone who voted for this racist homophobic openly disrespectful woman abuser," Ms. Schumer, the unimpressive actress of "Trainwreck," wrote on Instagram.

Ms. Handler told the audience of her show "Chelsea Lately" that while she "really, really" wants to move to Spain right now (yeah, right), everyone in her office is telling her, "you have a responsibility, you have a voice and you need to use it and you have to be here." So she's decided to remain in the U.S. as if everyone owes her that much. Pretentious, really.

While there are some celebrities who are yet to confirm whether they will stay or go, the majority of celebrity brokers who spoke to Mansion Global said they had not had any celebrities reach out for help.

"Prior to the election I talked to a lot of celebs and clients, but people never said it," Beverly Hills broker Christophe Choo of Coldwell Banker told Mansion Global. "I've not had one person mention anything about moving out of the U.S. to me since the election."

Ryan Serhant, of Bravo’s reality television show "Million Dollar Listing New York," added that no-one had called him saying they wanted to move after the election. Suzanne Perkins, a Santa Barbara-based real estate agent with Sotheby's International Realty, who has worked with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow in the past, said the same and stressed that these comments in the run up to the election were just "temper tantrums."

However, that’s not to say that some celebrities won’t be making an announcement that they’re leaving at some point. It's still early, after all. Hopefully, everyone will have enough of these cry-babies and stop supporting any of their projects.