14 February 2017

Trump Will Sign New Migrant EO

Trump Signs EO
If the Courts in the U.S. won't cooperate and enforce the law, President Donald Trump has no choice but to continue issuing a new travel ban executive order.

Last 10 February, President Trump said the White House does not plan to escalate a legal dispute over the original travel ban order to the Supreme Court.

During a visit with reporters aboard Air Force One to Florida from Washington, President Trump said he was considering "a brand new order" that could be issued as soon as Monday or Tuesday if the administration decided to move in that direction.

The White House official separately said: "We are actively considering changes or other executive orders that will keep our country safe from terrorism."

The official said: "The temporary restraining order we would not take to the Supreme Court, but we are reviewing all options in the court system."

At the White House earlier in the day, President Trump said: "We'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. You'll be seeing that sometime next week.

President Trump said he had learnt of threats "you could only learn of if you were in a certain position, namely president" and he would "not allow that to happen to our country".

If the ban were immediately taken to the Supreme Court, it could be looked at before he could secure the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, his conservative Supreme Court nominee, ICto the bench, with Democrats set to delay that by filibustering in Congress.