24 March 2017

Again ... Philippines Is Against Gay Marriage

Pres. Duterte
It has been said before and repeated over and over again, but social justice warriors and their cohorts in the LGBT community thought that Filipino people will just roll-over and swallow their despicable advocacy.

President Rodrigo Duterte made it clear a few days ago, that he, like many other Filipinos, will tolerate the existence of LGBTs, but he draws the line with same-sex marriage because such a union is unacceptable to morally sane Filipinos.

"Kung ano ang makapaligaya sa isang tao o dalawang tao, kanila yan. But for the reason there is a law which says in the family code sa ating civil code, defining the relations of our society . . . marriage is always between a man and a woman," Duterte said at a press conference at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, an hour or so after he and a government entourage had arrived from official visits in Myanmar and Thailand.

"If I allow (same-sex marriage), I would have violated the law. Pero kung ako tanungin mo, kung ano ang makapaligaya sa’yo, gawin mo. Isang beses ka lang dumaan dito."

Duterte upset LGBT members when he said: "Kung saan ka pinuwesto ng Diyos, diyan ka lang. Huwag mong haluin kaming lahat. Biro mo, ako ang Presidente tapos wala ng — you erase the great divide between a woman and a man."

His recent pronouncements were definitely a condemnation of lesbians and gays, even he said he respects their preference.

"If it makes the gays happy, let them be. I do not condemn anybody there. What makes you happy, good. Just don’t violate the law, period," Duterte said.