03 March 2017

Brazen Demand From Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

ICE Enforcement
Activists protecting illegal aliens are planning to challenge the Charlotte City Council with a list of outrageous demands at a public forum a few days ago, including a demand that the city distribute funds for legal services needed by immigrants fighting deportation proceedings. You heard it right. They want the State to fund their illegal stay in American soil.

The group Comunidad Colectiva alleged that their intent is to fill all 200 seats at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center so they can convince Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the Charlotte City Council to take immediate steps to protect the undocumented immigrant community.

A Facebook post says the effort is being backed by two other groups, the Southeast Asian Coalition and Familias Unidas.

Agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may want to take note that this is their chance to get rid of illegal aliens and their criminal ilk in one swoop. The illegals will gather at Marshall Park at 5:00 P.M., then walk the block to City Council meeting, something that could cause traffic issues at the evening rush hour.

Activist Rosalba Tlalolini told the newspaper Que Pasa Mi Gente that the group Comunidad Colectiva believes the council is misinformed about the frequency of arrests being made in the city by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

"I do not know what sources consult the councilmen, but they are wrong," she told the newspaper. "President Trump himself said that with the raids he was fulfilling his campaign promise."

A Facebook post of demands says the group wants city leaders to fight state and federal efforts to more quickly deport undocumented immigrants. It also wants Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to use discretion when dealing with undocumented immigrants, including refusing to tell federal officials when an undocumented immigrant is arrested. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police currently have a policy of not enforcing federal immigration laws.

These people may not be aware that the rights and privileges under the American Constitution only applies to its genuine citizen and not to a group of illegals. In fact, even if they ask for a massage, the government is not mandated to fulfill that demand.