10 March 2017

March of the Privileged Women Backfired In A Big Way

Privilege Much
Several leftist women who staged a rally last 8 March found the hard way that they were shunned by the clients they hoped to serve: working middle-class women. There was even a buzzword to describe those who join "A Day Without a Woman": privilege.

The reality dawn on bloggers and political analysts that those who were able to join the International Women’s Day call to action are women who can afford to take a leave from work, are those who are doing nothing but rely on subsidies, and those who just protested for the sake of protesting with no clear agenda.

Those who are not 'privileged' enough to join the rally and those with more conservative social values, particularly women who oppose abortion and LGBT rights, more than made up about 80 percent of women population the United States, according to Census estimates.

Social media is not the only place where this discussion has been playing out.

"The idea behind the strike is a noble one," noted a story on Quartz."“Who doesn’t want economic equality for everyone? But in practice, most American women cannot afford to opt out of either paid or unpaid labor. This fact, coupled with the very broad aims of the strike, is concerning."

A Los Angeles Times piece opined, "“I highly doubt that 'anyone, anywhere' can or will join this party. That's because it's really going to be A Day Without a Privileged Woman." It went on: "Make no mistake, March 8 will mostly be a day without women who can afford to skip work, shuffle childcare and household duties to someone else, and shop at stores that are likely to open at 10 and close at 5."

And what they have achieved so far ... NOTHING substantial.

At least they were able to gather in a group and screech at non-participating women that they hoped would get raped to highlight their waning agenda ... perhaps that is considered successful? Or perhaps their ability to light on fire the hair of a non-participating woman they encountered on the street (video is out there ... ).

Perhaps they consider it successful that one of their most features speakers was Donna Hylton, an ex-con who, along with six other men and women, kidnapped, tortured, and eventually murdered an elderly man.