24 April 2017

American Truth Won Over Alinsky's Belief

Saul Alinsky
Saul David Alinsky (1909-1972) was considered as the founder of modern America’s community organizing. And, according to James Walsh of NewsMax, Alinsky has had more effect on American political policies in the 21st century via the Democratic Party and President Barrack Obama's administration than any other American.

Walsh added that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are examples of Alinsky’s adroit ability to mainstream his ideas and rules for socialist change through political personages. Obama, and to a lesser degree Clinton, had and do have an impact on the change of America’s heritage, ethos, racial relations, and political discourse.

Alinsky cautioned that true revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism and they infiltrate the system from within. He viewed his capture of the American political system would be a matter of time and patience and he sought to use the churches, unions, and the Democratic Party as catalysts. Obama and Clinton employed Alinsky’s techniques and refined them to meet their respective goals.

They used race and gender covertly and overtly as circumstances and times permitted.

Most unbiased observers of Alinsky agree that he patterned his tactics on those of the neo-Marxist Italian, Antonio Francesco Gramsci. Transformational infiltration, not violent revolution, was Gramsci’s doctrine. A major cornerstone of Gramsci’s concept of change was doing away with absolute values and Christian values which is one of the billionaire leftist George Soros’s positions.

Alinsky wrote that an organizer in an open society does not have any fixed truth — no absolute truth. Soros's Open Society Foundation asserts there are no absolute truth nor moral values and it questions the U.S. Constitutional relevancy today. Soros through his various foundation organizations is also a major supporter of radical Progressive/Democratic party goals.

Walsh alleged that Obama uses Alinsky's concepts of manipulation of churches, unions, and trusting people to camouflage an organizer’s real intentions — radical change of the American culture, heritage, mores, and economic structure.

Obama and Soros meld political and financial operations for a desired end.

Obama has succeeded in part with the Alinsky paradigm for change as America is now deeply divided educationally, financially, morally, politically, racially, and socially.

Obama pushed the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — through a Democratic Senate and House of Representatives with not one Republican vote.

As 2017 arrives, Obamacare is in the throes of self-immolation.

Obama has muddled the Mideast with military and political fiascos in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The "red line in the sand" Obama ultimatum to Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian regime proved to be a mere vacuous statement part of Obama’s lead from behind foreign affairs strategy.

Then there is the Iran "billion dollar give away" as it is known throughout the political world. Not the art of a deal.

Russia and Iran are now the major players in the Mideast world.

Obama added more confusion with his immigration executive orders aggravating an already chaotic immigration program. Meanwhile illegal alien Hispanic gangs shoot it out with black criminal gangs in Chicago every day over control of drug distribution.

This makes Obama’s hometown the murder capital of the world.

Chicago is now just a shooting gallery.

Obama caused damage to agricultural, small businesses, mining, and forestry venues with his detrimental Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules and regulations.

The onerous Obama EPA rules and regulations squash coal miners, farmers, and small businesses of America — so they voted for the Republicans seeking equitable relief.

Obama decimated the military with his reduction of non-commission and company grade officer cadres and the failure to replace worn out military aircraft. The Air Force and Navy are cannibalizing parts from old planes — even some located in museums — to repair active duty planes.

The South China Sea is boiling now with the Chinese military muscle-flexing. The Spratley Islands, actually about 14 sand cays, claimed by at least five Asian countries but are now a military Chinese base.

The Chinese dredged some of the islands to make airbases and ports. Might makes right.

The coup d’etat of the Obama administration’s many mistakes was America’s December 2016 vote of "abstain" for the U.N. Israel settlements amendment. Obama dissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for personal one upmanship.

But, at what cost?

Obama bragged he could have won a third term as president in a conversation with his former senior advisor, David Axelrod on Dec. 26, 2016. He omitted that he, his wife, Vice-President Biden, along with entertainment personalities campaigned mightily for Hillary Clinton.

He even preened that it would be "a personal insult" to his legacy if the black community did not forcefully support Clinton. Fortunately, Aerican Truth prevailed and Hillary Clinton lost.