13 April 2017

Hillary Has No Idea Why She Lost

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is still in denial that the reason why she lost the Presidency is because of her and her alone. There were no Russian interventions, there were no clandestine conspiracy within her party and definitely no anti-feminist movement aimed at taking her out.

Unfortunately, she is still delusional. Last 6 April, Clinton said that that misogyny "certainly" played a role in her bruising defeat to Donald Trump in last year's US presidential election, giving her first public interview since that shock loss.

"I don't know that there is one answer," she told the Women in the World Summit in New York when asked why a majority of white women voted for a Republican who had boasted of groping women.

"Certainly misogyny played a role, I mean that just has to be admitted," added the former secretary of state, who was treated to an ecstatic welcome and standing ovation from the crowd.

"I think in this election there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcomed and exciting to so many Americans and change which is worrisome and threatening to so many others.

"And layer on the first woman president over that and I think some people, women included, had real problems," she told a New York Times journalist at the ticketed women's empowerment event held each year.

While the vastly experienced Clinton won the popular vote, she lost the electoral college to the businessman who had never previously held public office, upending the world and the US political establishment.

Having dreamt for years of making history as America's first woman president, Clinton admitted the aftermath had been "devastating."

However, she should have realized that even if she makes another run in 2020, she will still loss and it has nothing to do with other factors. She alone is the reason why Americans will reject her.