22 May 2017

Feminists Are Confused About Women With Sexy Bodies

EmRat Bikini
The series of photos that Emily Ratajkowski posted recently of herself on Instagram, wearing a red bikini on a yacht in the French Riviera, seem to be part of her campaign of defining feminism. As she states in a pinned tweet on Twitter, "women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies."

But for fat feminists, the aggressively sexual posturing seemed explicitly for the male gaze only. The unattractive fighters of the so-called "women equality" believes that EmRat's super sexy body only reinforce the strict set of norms long-associated with the presentation of feminine identity and female sexuality rooted not in women’s empowerment, but in what men want.

For example, The Daily Beast's Lizzie Crocker wrote: "It’s easy to see why many card-carrying feminists have criticized Ratajkowski's argument as self-contradicting. She wants to topple the patriarchy and fight oppression of women's bodies while she profits from selling her own body, which, I might add, looks like an adolescent boy's sexual fantasy — an hourglass-shaped Western ideal."

Many would argue, so what? If that's what EmRat wants to do, then let her do it. If these radical feminists can't handle that, they too bad for them. Nobody cares.

Crocker added: "It will take some time for society to adjust to Ratajkowski’s dreams of being known as much for her acting and political ambitions as for her body. Until then, her feminist statements would be more convincing if she admitted they don't always align with the sexy image she's selling."

EmRat doesn't have to admit anything. She's successful. She's beautiful inside and out. She's sexy and she believes she's a feminist. The fat feminist groups are the ones that should admit that their Utopian ideals are archaic and unpopular. Nobody give's a rat's ass what they say these days.

Being hot doesn't lessen EmRat's worth as a person whether feminists chose to hide behind it or embrace it. Feminists need to stop caring so much about what other girls think and just be themselves. Oh, and let others be themselves, as well.