17 June 2017

"How Many Children Died?" - London Mayor Has No Answer

London Fire
The ineffective Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was confronted justifiably by angry residents at the site of the gutted Grenfell Tower.

At this time, entire families are still missing after a fire engulfed the 24-storey building in west London in the early hours last 14 June, killing at least 17 people.

ABC News Australia reported that Khan was confronted by a crowd of people outside the nearby Notting Hill Methodist Church, many of whom said they had been "let down".

"There's too much emphasis on Brexit mate! Look after the country," one man shouted.

"Look after the people!" another woman said.

"How many children died? What are you going to do about it?" seven-year-old Kai Ramos said.

The youngster added: "I can't hear you!"

As the child pressed, the Labour politician pledged to get answers.

Brave Boy

"I grew up in a similar council estate in South London and this could have easily been my family, my friends, and my community," he said.

"I share their anger and concern."

Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a full public inquiry into the blaze.

"Right now, people want answers and it's absolutely right and that's why I am today ordering a full public inquiry into this disaster," Ms May said.

"We need to know what happened, we need to have an explanation of this.

"People deserve answers, the inquiry will give them."

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said it would be a "miracle" if any survivors were found.

"There is still a number of people who are receiving treatment in hospital. There are 37 people receiving treatment, of which 17 are still in critical care," London Police Commander Stuart Cundy said.

"Our absolute priority for all of us is identifying and locating those people who are still missing."

He declined to comment on likely final death toll: "It would be wrong for me to get into numbers that I do not believe are accurate."