06 June 2017

Kathy Griffin Blames The President For Her Own Mistakes

Most sensible people, after saying something or doing something they should not have said or done, have the good sense to apologize, and thereafter, stop talking.

In comedian Kathy Griffin's case, she will none of that. In fact, after her non-apology apology, followed by her press conference comments where she blames the "President Donald Trump family" for the understandably angry backlash against her latest photo shoot and Twitter posts, Griffin continues to display the self-righteous bad judgment that got her into trouble in the first place.

The 56-year-old comedian expressed her regret for the Tyler Shields photo shoot that featured Griffin in a pussy-bow blouse and raising a bloodied imitation severed head bearing President Trump’s visage.

Public outrage over the photo was immediate last 30 May, and Griffin apologized soon after, but the damage had already been done.

The comedian vacillated between somber and frenetic throughout the press conference, making jokes to cover for nerves and often dissolving into tears.

President Trump and family speculated on Twitter about Griffin’s mental health, saying that she should be ashamed and calling for CNN to fire her from her New Year’s Eve hosting gig, which the cable news network did.

This is not her first brush with politically charged "humor," political comments in bad taste, or plain stupidity.

Griffin wasn't mocking the president. She was mocking Daniel Pearl and the countless other decapitated men in modern history.

These families must be mortified by this kind of "art." Griffin brought this on herself. Another way to say mob mentality is being grossly outnumbered.

Her statement is hateful, and her medium is hurtful. This isn't a woman's issue either. Her buddies on "The View" prove that on the daily.

Isn't it great when a rich old white woman who is not funny, plays the victim game and blames a bunch of old white men for ruining her career?