18 September 2017

A Great Woman Protected Men's Rights

For several years, male students in the United States were harassed and abused by the Obama-era Title IX policies on how colleges should handle sexual-assault charges.

Fortunately, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos came on board after appointed by President Donald Trump and wasted no time to float completely sensible reforms to the one-sided policy.

As expected, liberal accused her of moving to protect rapists.

"What could DeVos and Trump possibly have to gain by taking away Title IX protections for college women?" tweeted Amy Siskind, of the liberal group The New Agenda — as if DeVos was trying to win over the rapist vote, rather than stop the careless and cruel destruction of the lives of so many young men.

Alanna Vagianos, Women’s Editor at Huffpost, retweeted several times the thoroughly debunked statistic that only between 2 percent and 10 percent of rape accusations are actually false. But shouldn’t even a small number of falsely accused men be protected?

The Obama-era system pushes colleges to set up extra-judicial star chambers, which punish accused students via utterly unfair procedures. There’s an assumed guilt, rather than innocence. "Defendants" don't get lawyers. Due process, in real courts, is tossed by the wayside. And the consequences for the accused — shattered lives and reputations — are often horrific.

"One rape is one too many, one assault is one too many, one aggressive act of harassment is one too many," says DeVos. But also, "one person denied due process is one too many."

She’s right. Yet on campuses across the country, more and more young men are losing their due-process rights and suffering tragic consequences — oft-times even when the accuser herself refuses to back the charges.

The young men are then forced to turn to real courts, which, as Inside Higher Ed reports, often side with them.

How do those boys go back to a normal life after their names have been smeared for something they didn’t do? In many cases they simply don’t. Some have even taken their own lives.

This needs to change. Good for DeVos for looking to end this war on boys.