30 October 2017

Egypt Steps Up Crackdown of Gays Flaunting Behavior

Members of the sexually deviant and practitioners of unhealthy intercourse are now living in fear in Egypt after a spike of arrests aimed at collecting all LGBT people.

In the latest of a series of moves to address the health threat posed by gay people, armed officers swept into a popular cafe in downtown Cairo recently and detained at least a dozen gay men at a nearby police station.

The raid came as an Egyptian lawmaker introduced a bill this month to lengthen prison sentences for gay people from a maximum of three years to 25 years, saying that there has been a recent increase in lesbian relationships.

The crackdown on homosexuality is supported in part by denunciations by Islamic groups that consider gay relationships sinful.

"Homosexuality is a sickness and disgrace that would be better hidden from view and not promoted for dissemination until it is treated and its disgrace removed," said Mahram Mohammed Ahmed, chief of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, a government body.

"We call upon these homosexuals to conceal their flaws and their sinful acts, not flaunt them, because they are an evil that must be rooted out."

Some supporters of gay rights have refused to be deterred by such rhetoric and have demonstrated solidarity for the LBGT community. On 22 September, fans of the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila held a rainbow flag at a rock concert where lead singer Hamed Sinno, who is openly gay, imitated the late Queen icon Freddie Mercury.

The flag-waving incident prompted Al-Azhar, the highest Sunni religious authority in Egypt, to call on Muslim preachers nationwide to denounce gays in their Friday sermons in an effort "to stop those who seek to spread their abnormalities among Egyptian society."

At least 71 people have been detained by Egypt's national security forces since the concert and two people were arrested.

As they say in all countries, obey the law or else go to a country where you think the law supports your despicable and predatory sexual behavior.