21 December 2017

President Trump's Early Tax Gift

Trump Tax
U.S. President Donald Trump was praised last 20 December for its ambitious US$ 1.5 trillion to rewrite the tax code, which is considered an early Christmas gift to middle-class Americans.

The President took a victory lap alongside Republican lawmakers at the White House after the GOP's passage of the massive overhaul set to reshape the nation's tax code. The White House said he hopes to sign the bill in the coming days after it is officially enrolled.

"It seems like it was a lot of fun," Trump said of the legislative process behind the tax bill. "It's always fun when you win. If you work hard and lose, that's not acceptable."

He read from an extensive list of GOP leadership in extending thanks to those who helped shepherd the bill — including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — lawmakers Trump was openly critical of this summer after the GOP's failed efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare.

"Ultimately, what does it mean? It means jobs, jobs, jobs." Trump said. "So it's going to be really a special period of time. We're in a special period of time."

The event was initially billed as a news conference. Reporters were seated many rows back, and he took no questions.

Trump during a Cabinet meeting earlier called the bill "historic."

"They're going to start seeing the results in February. This bill means more take-home pay. It will be an incredible Christmas gift for hard-working Americans. I said I wanted to have it done before Christmas. We got it done," Trump said.

The House passed the bill again last 20 December, after a procedural snag forced that chamber to vote again, and the measure now heads to his desk to sign. The House approved the GOP tax bill in a party-line 224-201 vote.

The vote gives Republicans their first major legislative victory under Trump.