14 February 2018

PC Culture Trying to Kill Father-Daughter Dance

Staten Elementary School
A New York elementary school is getting a backlash, including from Donald Trump Jr., for canceling a father-daughter dance to adhere to state gender guidelines.

P.S. 65 in Staten Island, N.Y., scheduled its "Father/Best Guy & Daughter Dance" for 9 February. However, it was suddenly axed, according to the New York Post, when the Parent-Teacher Association became concerned that it violated gender guidelines established by the New York City Department of Education in March 2017.

Per the guidelines, "Gender-based policies, rules, and practices can have the effect of marginalizing, stigmatizing, stereotyping and excluding students, whether or not they are transgender or gender nonconforming."

According to the Post, PTA president Toni Bennett wrote in a private community Facebook group, "Until we understand what we are legally permitted to do, we need to table this event."

But the backlash to canceling the event was fierce, including from Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted, "If this doesn't convince you that the PC/SJW [Social Justice Warrior] movement has lost their minds, I don't know what will. This nonsense really needs to stop ..."

"They're trying to take away everything that everybody grew up on and has come to know and I don’t think it’s fair or right," father Matthew West told the New York Post. "They should leave it the way it was — father-daughter, mother-son."

"It’s not fair at all," Jose Garcia, also told the publication. "I have nothing against no one but I don’t think that it should affect the school or the kids for that matter."

And mom Akaia Cameron said, "All this gender crap needs to just stop."