10 April 2018

A Women's College That Doesn't Want To Say "Women"

Mount Holyoke
Mount Holyoke, a women's college in Massachusetts, is discouraging professors from using the word "women." WOW!

The code of conduct was issued by the school in a document titled, "Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students" from the college's Teaching and Learning Initiative, a hub for student-centered teaching.

The guidelines were put in place in 2017 allegedly to prevent students from being subject to various forms of "disrespect" — for example, when professors mispronounce students' names or misgender them. "Students who are worried about not being treated with respect can't concentrate on what we're saying," the guidelines state.

"We want to be respectful of our students, and not all may identify as women," Keely Savoie, interim director of media relations at Mount Holyoke, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "The guidance is for professors navigating the landscape of students whose genders they can’t determine on their own accord."

As expected, Mount Holyoke's guidelines have run into some backlash on Twitter from commentators who have labeled them "PC crap" and "laughable." Who wouldn't?

Maybe Holyoke can give each student a number and use that to identify them, but then there would be outcry over 50 percent of the students being labelled as odd.

Welcome to Play this Foolish Game! Not sure what it is but everyone loses and nobody wins.