27 May 2015

Tony Meloto's Statements Degraded Women

Tony Meloto
The University of Hawaii Center for Philippine Studies has just slammed Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto for his alleged degrading remarks about women in a speech he delivered during an anniversary event there last April 2015.

The University of Hawaii Center for Philippine Studies found it disturbing Meloto’s belief that "the greatest asset of the Philippines is our beautiful women." Meloto allegedly went on to say that they can be used to entice the "best and brightest" men in the West to invest in the country.

The center called it "outrageously sexist and deeply offensive to everybody in the audience, as well as patronizing and disrespectful to Filipino women in particular."

The center's director, Dr. Vina Lanzona, confirmed in an e-mail to ABS-CBNnews.com that the statement was a "collective statement, released by the Executive Council of the Center for Philippine Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa." The statement is also going viral on Facebook.

ABS-CBNnews.com tried, but failed to talk to Meloto’s camp.

The center also slammed Meloto for calling on Filipinas to produce "cappuccino" offspring with their American husbands.

"Equally offensive, Mr. Meloto went on to share his views on the need for Filipino women and their white husbands to produce what Mr. Meloto (apparently humorously) called 'cappuccinos,' and appeared to present such a policy of seduction and reproduction as a solution to the problems of economic development in the Philippines," the center said.

The center condemned the remarks, saying "these are views that the CPS, an institution pioneered and for many years run by strong, and intelligent Filipino women, completely and utterly rejects."

Meloto was invited as a guest speaker at the University of Hawaii at Manoa last April during a culminating "fiesta" event for the center’s 40th anniversary.

"Mr. Meloto's speech put the CPS in a very difficult position. This was our event, celebrating 40 years of hard work and dedication to the goals of the CPS, and yet the guest speaker we had invited and given a platform showed little respect for the values and goals we had gathered to celebrate," it said.

It said it will take responsibility over what happened. It also apologized to those who were offended.

Yet, "we also wish to make clear our disavowal of these views; views that do not represent, and indeed violate, the values and ideals for which we've been fighting all these years," the center said.


25 May 2015

Honesty Beats Experience Anytime of the Day

Grace Poe for President
Senator Grace Poe made it clear that she believes quality of service and honesty and not length of service should be the basis in judging a public servant.

And why not? Experienced leaders were elected in the past, but what happened to the Philippines after that? From Ferdinand Marcos to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, nothing good came out of their terms. Instead of pulling the country out of the poverty quagmire, these -so-called 'experienced' Presidents only drag the country deeper into an economic nightmare.

"While it is true that experience and competence are important, what counts the most is honesty. They supported President Cory (Aquino) before and her first qualification was being an honest person. I believe that length of service should not be the primary consideration, but quality of service and honesty," Poe said.

"Compared to him, I have been around for a very short time. But without any intention to brag, in my short period in government, I strive to do a lot to help the country’s poorest, the downtrodden and those who want to be heard," she added.

Poe was reacting to the statement of Vice-President Jejomar Binay the other day warning the electorate against electing a president without experience and competence in 2016.

Poe is so far the only potential presidential candidate who has come close to providing a challenge to the Vice President as surveys on voter preferences show.

A neophyte senator, Poe’s only other experience in the government was as chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

When asked if she thought Binay is honest, Poe said he could prove his honesty if he could answer allegations of corruption being raised against him instead of leaving it up to his spokespersons.

She said the people would weigh the allegations based on the evidence and testimonies presented.

"If you are seeking justice, then you should take the first step to attain this," she said.

Sen. Francis Escudero, for his part, said integrity, honesty and fairness on top of capability should be the basis of the electorate in voting for their next leaders.

Escudero reiterated his call for the Vice-President not to hide behind the secrecy of bank deposits, the confidentiality clauses of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and just face the allegations against him.


24 May 2015

Study Supporting Gay Marriage Was Faked

Fake Study
A seemingly groundbreaking and widely publicized study reported in Science magazine this past December 2014 was a fake and the authors are trying to draft a retraction..

The study appeared to show that openly gay activists in California had persuaded conservative voters to change their minds in a lasting way by engaging the voters in "heartfelt, reciprocal and vulnerable conversations" about being gay during door-to-door advocacy campaigns. It was co-authored by Michael J. LaCour, a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Donald P. Green, a professor at Columbia University.

For the gay rights movement, who have no scientific basis at all to support their claims so far, the results of the study was good news. It suggested that the country’s shift on gay rights was, at least in part, the movement’s doing, and it provided a template for advocacy going forward. Gay rights advocates in Ireland reportedly based their strategy before a national vote on same-sex marriage this May on LaCour and Green’s results.

That was the case until an impeccable report was issued on 19 May by two University of California, Berkeley, graduate students and a Yale professor. They said there are enough questions about the data to warrant retracting the study. Retraction Watch broke the story on 20 May about what students David Broockman (soon to be an assistant professor at Stanford) and Joshua Kalla and Yale professor Peter Aronow found.

The LaCour-Green study had examined the work of activists with the Los Angeles LGBT Center. After California’s gay marriage ban passed in 2008, activists at the center had more than 12,000 one-on-one conversations in Los Angeles neighborhoods with people who overwhelmingly supported the ban. LaCour’s idea was to see if those conversations produced any lasting change. He purportedly designed a randomized experiment to replicate those conversations, with a series of follow-up surveys online to test how the anti-gay voters felt about gay rights and gay marriage over time. Those who were contacted by the openly gay canvassers showed substantially more positive attitudes toward gay marriage as much as nine months later.

At least, that's what the published study said in December. But now it appears those critical follow-up surveys may not have been conducted as described.

Unimpressed with the finding, Broockman and Kala wanted to examine the research. In January 2015, they found some patterns in the data that seemed to be too perfect - statistically speaking, there was less variance in the results than there should have been. Some social scientists had noticed this when the study was first published.

As Broockman and Kalla continued their work, they wrote in their report, they uncovered more irregularities. When the pair noticed that their own study had a much lower response rate (the proportion of people contacted who actually respond to a survey), they asked the survey firm that allegedly gathered data for LaCour, Qualtrics, how it achieved such a high response rate. They said the firm replied that it had no record of the project.

This is what happened next according to their report and Green's letter to Science:

"The statistical irregularities continued to mount, and the pair recruited Aronow to help with their analysis. Last weekend, Broockman and Kalla contacted Green. Green said that he had joined the study after the data had been collected and thought that the irregularities Broockman and Kalla had uncovered were, indeed, highly suspicious. Green reached out to LaCour’s adviser at UCLA, professor Lynn Vavreck, and the two of them decided that Vavreck would confront LaCour and ask him to provide his data. Initially, LaCour claimed he had accidentally deleted the file with the necessary information, but again Qualtrics said it could not verify that the data had been deleted or that the study took place. It seemed increasingly clear to Green that no follow-up surveys had ever been conducted and that LaCour may have taken data from existing studies and manipulated the numbers to achieve the results he wanted."

Green said that he was shocked and dismayed by the revelations about the data set. “There was a mountain of fabrication,” he said. "Graphs and charts and anecdotes and stories of every possible sort about these surveys. So it didn’t occur to me that the whole thing was fabricated because every time I had a question, it seemed as though [LaCour] had an answer."


23 May 2015

This Fat Model Is Just Naive

Fat and Overweight Model
Missouri-born model Tess Holliday may have grab a couple of spaces in the news lately after she the plus-size model signed with a major modeling agency, but it doesn't mean anything. Unlike what she may be thinking, demand for her services won't be high any time soon.

In January this year, Anna Shillinglaw, the owner and director of the U.K-based agency, told the Daily News, "I think we’re the only agency with a model of her size. She is by far the largest model I have in the [Curves] division."

At 260 pounds and a size 22, many would argue that 29-year-old Holliday, whose real name is Tess Munster, isn’t just plus-size, but an unhealthy obese.

Models like Myla Dalbesio, Ashley Graham, and Robyn Lawley — all of whom were considered already as plus-size models by media are the ones that should be considered as normal sized women (with exceptional features) who clock in around size 12 or 14. These are healthy and not skinny models that everyone could be idolizing without and health risk.

Holliday is just significantly larger, and has nothing to celebrate about even she was featured in the cover of People magazine.

Holliday, whom the magazine calls "The World’s First Size 22 Supermodel," is making a big splash for reasons that she was too naive to see. She tells the magazine, "My phone still hasn’t stopped ringing. It’s good, but it’s a lot!"

She failed to understand that the reason that the phones have not stopped ringing could have been because it was the first for the magazine.If People featured a wild boar or a orca whale in an evening gown, these unique creatures would probably received the same amount of call if not more.

Calling her a supermodel might be a little stretch for the magazine. She may be destined for fame, but definitely not as a model. She could portray somebody in the film who had trouble with her wait and just couldn't stop eaiting.

After trying to model for 14 years, she is now one of the faces of "Benefit and Torrid," with nothing more to come.

Holliday says she was bullied, even receiving death threats, as a teenager. "Nobody was interested," she says of her first open casting when she was 15, but she stuck with it: "I just knew that I could do it. I wasn’t the best, and I still am not the best. The key to it is just doing it."

Just doing it? Is this even for real? The girl is pushing 300 pounds. Not even half the cardiac patients right on a daily basis are that big. And America has a lot of them and 98 percent are overweight. Just something for Holiday to think about. What is she modelling anyway?

If America wants to embrace diabetes, heart disease, and lack of will power so all the kids today can think it's perfectly healthy to be overweight and have no motivation to exercise to stay at a healthy weight and live with a healthy lifestyle, then Holliday is the right model for you.

In the meantime, those with enough sense left in their mind are better off embracing healthy size and avoid carrying around extra fat as the pharmaceutical field continues to profit from all the meds everyone has to be on.


22 May 2015

Michigan Lawmakers Are Fighting Back

Michigan Lawmakers
The Michigan House of Representatives will not go down without a fight. After several lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBTs) tried to influence them on how they should ignore their religious right, they are pushing for the passage of the bill to counter that.

Michigan lawmakers are now considering a measure that would bar local governments from enacting worker protections that are stronger than state or federal laws already on the books, including no anti-discrimination protections for a small, but noisy, group of LGBT workers.

The bill, proposed by state Rep. Earl Poleski (R), does not explicitly address LGBT rights. But the potential impact of House Bill 4052 seems clear.

There are 22 states with laws banning people from following their religious conviction and stay away from LGBT individuals; Michigan is not one of them. Cities and towns there that want to promote deviant behaviour have had to pass their own laws. As of March, 37 Michigan municipalities had measures promoting LGBT sexual orientation, gender identity or both.

HB 4052 would effectively nullify these local measures.

The measure generally seeks to prevent a couple of hundreds of LGBT from imposing and compelling the thousands of workers to give them special treatment and cater to their every whim and caprices. Local leaders will now have the right and responsibility to protect the right to religion of majority, including their inherent right to follow its teachings to the letter.