15 December 2014

Fighting India's "Sexual Harassers"

Kumar Sisters
Everyone is tired of hearing and reading news reports about women in India being repeatedly being abused by a sub-human species of men in public places. It is time to fight back and haul these male cretins to jail and let them rot their for other prisoners to abuse.

The time to fight back has started and one of those heroic attempt to thwart a possible sexual abuse was caught in a video that went viral soon after. The incident featured two sisters in India who valiantly fought back against men who allegedly harassed them inside a bus.

The footage shows Aarti (22) and Pooja Kumar (19) landing punches and thrashing the three men with a belt while riding a bus in the northern state of Haryana, an area with a reputation for hostility to women.

The Kumar sisters were returning from their Rohtak college to Sonepat in the Haryana Roadways bus last 28 November 2014 when the men allegedly started harassing them. The two women objected at first, but the men reportedly kept passing lewd remarks.

"You're too poor to even ride the bus," Aarti recalled the men saying.

So she and her sister did what they thought they had to do to defend and protect themselves. One lurched toward one of the men, thrashing what looks like a belt. Both grabbed one man's sweater and pulled. Two of the men grabbed the women, and they struggled to get free. One sister pressed the palm of her hand against a man trying to overcome her.

Aarti said that no one on the bus tried to help the sisters, and some passengers shouted for them to stop fighting the men and get off. This is just another example of India's men seemingly indifference to the plight of women in their country.

Two days later, the three men — identified as Kuldeep, Mohit and Deepak — were arrested and charged, pending an investigation. The government of India is also planning to take the incident as an example to all male abusers by rewarding the Kumar sisters for their actions.

Harayana's Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that the sisters would be recognized with "bravery" awards that include cash on 26 January 2015, India's Republic Day.


14 December 2014

Gays Do Not Respect Egyptian Policy on Debauchery

Debauchery in Egypt
There seems to be no apparent end to inherent stupidity even if the message is clear as the sun rises in the east. The message is that, “Muslim countries do not condone debauchery and homosexuality.”

Despite several advocacies to instil the clear-cut policy among its population, there are still some Egyptians who can seem to understand the implication of it all. Hence, instead of following what the message was trying to convey, they have this twisted notion that they can get away with it.

Unfortunately, for the, their luck has run out after an Egyptian official says security forces raided a bath house and arrested 25 men for homosexuality. To serve as a reminder of the gravity of their disgusting act, they were dragged naked out of the building in downtown Cairo.

The security official says the raid on the bath house, or hammam, took place on 7 December 2014. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media. However, their action received tremendous praises from every sector in Egypt who are tired of Western cultures trying to influence their way of living.

If these despicable individuals do not respect Egypt’s unwritten law, then they won’t respect anything that majority of their people believe in. They should have just migrated to the United States, where they would have been able to secure asylum papers easily.

Egyptian law does not explicitly prohibit consensual same-sex relations but persecutes and imprisons gay men on charges such "debauchery" and "shameless public acts."

The bath house raid comes a month after an Egyptian court convicted eight men for "inciting debauchery" following their appearance in an alleged same-sex wedding party on a Nile boat, sentencing each of them to three years in prison.

Same-sex marriage is unheard of in the Muslim-majority country and if the American people wants to have all of them, they are welcome to pay for their legal obligations and petition them as well.


13 December 2014

Duggar Family Helped Passed Anti-LGBT Measure

Duggar Family
Thousands of fans and followers expressed their support to the Duggar family after they got their wish this Christmas. The Duggar family helped get an anti-LGBT bill get passed in their hometown Fayetteville, Arkansas last 9 December 2014.

The new bill seeks to help overturn a measure that would have prevented landlords and business owners to evict or fire people based on their gender identity. During the campaign, the Duggars also donated US$10,000 to three opponents of the Ordinance 119.

Back in August, some jealous homosexual group created a petition online to cancel the television show, "19 Kids and Counting" after Michelle Duggar allegedly asked voters to repeal the law in a recorded robocall. The group's hatred of anything that goes against their twisted and immoral beliefs stemmed from another incident where Michelle and husband Jim Bob allegedly deleted photos of same-sex couples from an impromptu Facebook challenge.

Despite the pathetic backlash, the couple stood their ground by posting a telling Bible verse on their Facebook page. It read: "We will always stand for truth and the values we hold dear without compromise, but we will do so in love and kindness — treating others well even if we don’t agree with them and we will do so without hateful words."

A counter movement from thousands of fans also created a counter-petition to save the show, which has remained one of the most-watched shows on air today.

The show is about the Duggar family, which consists of parents Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 children — nine girls and ten boys (including two sets of twins), all of whose names begin with the letter "J". Since the show began, three of the children have gotten married, with the oldest raising three of his own. The series began on 29 September 2008.


12 December 2014

Why Are Most Lesbians Fat and Heavy?

Fat and Heavy
Has anybody seen a hot and sexy lesbian that men would be happy spend some time with? The character that Léa Seydoux played in the movie “Blue is the Warmest Color” could be considered as one, but seriously, have you seen a real sexy lesbian aside from the characters that you see on television or movies?

If you have, then consider yourself lucky because they are a rare specimen. Lesbians nowadays are either as fat as a walrus or somebody that got kicked in the face by a donkey. If you are a man, would you like to sleep with Rosie O'Donnell or Martina Navratilova? No way! Maybe Ellen DeGeneres is an exception.

Men are visual creatures. They want their partners to have class. That’s one explanation why men are generally not attracted to somebody who looked like fat lumps of Shitty Putty in hockey jerseys and 80′s hairstyles.

Boston researchers determined that lesbians were more than twice as likely as straight women to be obese. According to a report published in the American Journal of Public Health, after scrutinizing a health survey of more than 67,000 Massachusetts residents between the ages of 18 and 64, the researchers found that 26 percent of lesbians were found to be obese, as compared with 17 percent of the straight women.

But do these lesbians tried to look fat, heavy and elephant-like? Nobody can really tell, but maybe, just maybe, because they want to piss men off.

Men like sex and skinny women. And since granting or withholding things men like is women's only means of survival, becoming a fat lesbian is by female logic (or lack thereof), a fantastic idea. Why trap one man in a marriage where and become fat and obnoxious and deny him sex, when you can be fat and obnoxious and deny sex to ALL men everywhere simultaneously.

Another theory is that maybe most fat and obese lesbians thought that they can attract a woman by becoming a walking walrus.

A study commissioned to mark the DVD release of “Bad Neighbours,” revealed that three in four British women would choose a man with love handles over one sporting a six-pack. This study could have motivated the lesbians not to want to develop those perfect feminine curves.

One last theory involves sex and chocolate. Biological women want two things in their lives: sex and chocolate. Lesbians can’t perform the actual sex with deep penetration of a natural organ, unless you count fingers covered in latex gloves as one, then that leaves only the chocolate.

A blogger offered this scenario:
”Imagine if you were a Ken doll and after five years of __ck-teasing, you really wanted to stick it to Barbie in the way that only a man can. That’s manly even for dolls. Well you couldn’t because you don’t have a __ck. If you were a Ken doll, you would head over to the Dream Pub and drown your __ckless sorrows. If you were a lesbian, however, you’d drown yourself in a pool of chocolate and carbs.”


11 December 2014

A Traitorous Transgender Speaking Nonsense

Bradley Manning
A traitor and a transgender is talking about civil rights of Americans the he claimed to have been violated every single day. That’s right, folks. A gutless, backstabbing conspirator and a threat to national security have the gall to lecture us about civil rights.

Maybe it’s the first in American history, but it should make an interesting funny topic to break awkwardness in public gatherings nationwide.

The double agent is Bradley Manning, also known as 'Chelsea' in his private world of sexual orgy and pedophilia. He is a former soldier who was convicted of espionage for leaking huge swaths of government documents to Wikileaks.

He wrote in an Op-Ed published in "The Guardian" on 7 December that criticize military service requirements that presents unfair obstacles to transgender Americans.

“We should all have the absolute and inalienable right to define ourselves,” Manning wrote in the article. “We should all be able to live as human beings — and to be recognized as such by the societies we live in. We shouldn’t have to keep defending our right to exist.”

It would be better if we try to rewrite the second sentence of Manning and say, “We should all be able to live as human being loyal to our country and to be recognized as such by the majority of people where we live in. We shouldn’t have to keep defending our right to national security and persecute to the hilt those who threaten that right.”

Better? It should be because a man who is currently serving out a 35-year prison for perpetrating the largest government leak in U.S. history has no credibility left whatsoever to talk about anything. A convicted criminal and an enemy of the state, an honourless trans for that matter, should be considered the lowest of the low in the hierarchy of existence. Even a slug deserves the air it breaths than Manning.

He also added that, “The fight for justice for the transgender community is largely invisible to our fellow citizens, despite the rampant systematic discrimination of trans people.”

This quote should be better appreciated if we change it this way, “The fight for the right not to recognize debauchery is largely invisible, but it they remain a potent force, despite being silent all this time.”