11 July 2018

Texas Mom Shoots Carjacker and Kidnapper

Texas Mom
Here's one feel good story to celebrate July. A Texas mother said she didn't think twice about shooting a would-be carjacker when the man jumped into her vehicle at a Dallas gas station while her two sons were in the backseat.

Michelle Booker-Hicks was at the Shell station along Interstate 35 around 10: 00 P.M. when Ricky Wright, 36, attempted to steal her vehicle while she was paying her gas bill, police said. Booker-Hicks told FOX4 Dallas her two sons, ages 2 and 4, were sitting in the backseat at the time.

09 July 2018

Strong Anti-Gay Stand Brought Record Viewing Figures in World Cup

World Cup Russia
The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 has seen record online viewing figures. Aside from advances in OTT technology and the burgeoning mobile media streaming market, the high rating was attributed to Russia's strong campaign against gay lifestyles and homosexual agenda.

International media ratings measurement service Conviva has revealed that during the first week of the World Cup, 393 million plays of matches were successfully streamed, the equivalent of 6.9 billion viewing minutes, via 59 million unique video streaming apps.

06 July 2018

Whataburger Bully Identified as Kino Jimenez

Kino Jimenez
The who is accused of attacking a teen wearing a MAGA hat at a San Antonio area Whataburger restaurant has been identified. Kino Jimenez was now banned from the Texas Green Party as a result.

In the interview, Gavino Zarate, secretary of the Harris County Green Party, who said he was speaking for the state party as a whole on the issue, condemned the incident, which was captured in a viral video that shows a man later identified as Kino Jimenez allegedly tossing a drink on a 16-year-old boy named Hunter Richard, using a racial slur, and then walking off with the teen’s MAGA hat.

25 June 2018

Companies Get Favorable Ruling From SC

Supreme Court Ruling
The U.S. Supreme Court delivered the right decision last 21 May to the rights of workers by allowing companies to require them to sign away their ability to bring class-action claims against management, agreements already in place for about 25 million employees.

The justices, in a 5-4 ruling, endorsed the legality of the growing practice by companies to compel workers to sign arbitration agreements waiving their right to bring class-action claims on various disputes, primarily over wages and hours.

22 June 2018

Italy-Austria Alliance Against Illegal Migrants in Europe

Italy-Austria Alliance
A meeting of Italy's anti-migrant interior minister with like-minded Austrian populist leaders last 20 June in Rome heralded a new hard-line alliance forming in Europe on migration issues with pledges to more firmly protect Europe's southern border.

Italy's interior minister, Matteo Salvini, leveraged on his recent refusal to allow landfall in Sicily to a ship carrying some 630 migrants rescued at sea off the Libyan coast. The new Socialist government in Spain agreed to take them in, acknowledging Europe had abandoned Italy, after the tiny island nation of Malta also balked.