28 November 2014

Identified Driver of Blue Maserati Is Being Hunted

Blue Maserati
The hunt is on for Maserati sports car-driving motorist who punched and dragged a Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic constable after he tried to make an illegal left turn at a busy street in Quezon City during the early hours of 27 November 2014.

The suspect was identified as Joseph Russel Ingco, 39 years old and a resident of New Manila in Quezon City.

"Yung (driver ng) sports car gusto kumaliwa sa Quezon Avenue ... bawal 'yan. Ginawa namin [kinunan ng] picture ng kasamahan ko para ma-identify. Biglang minasama ng driver, nag-dirty finger siya," Fernandez said.

He said that while they did not pursue the driver, the driver made a U-turn at the intersection and summoned the victim initially identified as Jorby Adriatico. he then saw the driver yank Adriatico's uniform, punch him in the face, and then accelerated the car without letting the MMDA enforcer go.

A photo tweeted by dzBB's Allan Gatus showed the incident occurred along Scout Chuatoco Street. Another photo also indicated the brand of the vehicle.

The dzBB report said the MMDA may review closed-circuit television footage in the area to identify the sports car's driver.

Given the limited number of Maserati sports car in the country, it did not take long for the authorities to identify Inco. However, since the integrity of authorities are also questionable and the way they defer to the rich and moneyed families, netizens won't be surprised to read later that Inco will be found not guilty of direct assault.

Meanwhile, another photo tweeted by Gatus showed Adriatico with injuries to his face.

"Pagtingin ko hinatak ang damit, tapos kinaladkad. Pinaandar ang sasakyan, kinaladkad habang patakbo ang sasakyan tapos sinusuntok."


27 November 2014

LGBTs Want to Crash on a Straight Party

Straight from Indiana
Every year, friends from Vincennes Lincoln High School and their parents organize a PRIVATE, formal, black-tie affair to celebrate an evening with their love ones. The Vincennes New Years Eve Ball gives them a venue to mingle with fellow students, alumni and like-minded couples, which is usually what happens in PRIVATE gatherings.

And like any other PRIVATE affair, it is an exclusive event only for the invited who wants to talk about how life was as a high-school student. This has been done for decades now and organizers want to maintain their choice of making exclusive for heterosexual couples.

As expected, the defiant minority composed of brain-dead lesbians, gays, transgender and bisexuals (LGBT) wants to be a part of it. Instead of organizing their own fly-stricken-events, they now want to intrude into a PRIVATE affair just because they want to. They don’t seem to realize that nobody wants them there, so they developed this urge to make themselves the center of attraction.

Majority of the students support the event. The Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance, for instance, strongly agrees with the "traditional couples only" definition, perceived or policy, by tweeting "We don't cheer for queers" and #StraightPower. The voices of the majority are being silenced by the arrogant minority by creating a permanent digital trail showcasing their right to trample on anybody’s belief as long as it’s not their own. Are the gays this desperate?

Everyone in Indiana knows that the New Years Eve Ball committee is comprised of Lincoln High School senior and junior parents and students. The committee parents fund the event and regard it as a "PRIVATE party." As part of the school community, the committee utilizes high school resources such as class rosters and school facilities to organize and promote the event. They also include pictures of "traditional couples" attending the "invitation only" New Years Eve Ball are featured in the high school's annual yearbook available to all students.

However, the LGBTs argue that since they are using public resources, then they should make the party public as well. School facilities and materials are funded by State funds, which, according to LGBTs, should not be use exclusively to promote the belief of one group.

Rationally-minded people can easily see that the LGBTs are stretching it too far with those 'exclusionary and discriminatory' arguments. Maybe they should try to stop using their butts and use their heads instead. An athletic club is an exclusive club in school that uses their public facilities and equipment even if not all students are members or athletic. A science club uses chemicals and technological apparatus funded by the State even if not all students are members or are nerd enough to understand the periodic table.

It is time to change for folks to change their ways. Moving from the label "Couples Only" to "Traditional Couple Only" appear to a good start.


26 November 2014

Humanum's "New Affirmation on Marriage"

The Vatican is currently hosting an international colloquium called Humanum dedicated to “the complementarity of man and woman” and the importance of marriage. Essentially, it was not addressed to Catholics, but also people from many different faiths, including a detailed description of what marriage is all about.

It is a well-timed discourse alluding to the "unique" way that men and women define marriage after Pope Francis prayed that the colloquium "will be an inspiration to all who seek to support and strengthen the union of man and woman in marriage as a unique, natural, fundamental and beautiful good for persons, communities, and whole societies."

For the full details of the "New Affirmation on Marriage," check the rest of the post below:

"Why do weddings still move us? We do not become emotional when business partners strike a deal. We shed no tears at a friendly handshake. We feel no such joy to hear of “casual” mating.

A wedding is different. Here stand a man and woman, entering together into a new life.

And yet it is more than this. They are about to enter the generations. Their union proclaims life: their parents and grandparents still live within them. Humankind lives within them. The cultures and creeds of the world live within them. They are there—in the blood. Those bearing witness know this truth. They too have been born from a union of man and woman.

See the grandmother who looks on, now frail. She was once that bride, and the memory of her own mother and father dwells within her still.

See the brother who welcomes guests—he will one day be that bridegroom, and he too will enter in a new way the long history into which he was born.

See their friends and neighbors. They are more essential than any might guess. For it is they who will help make this marriage flourish. Their investment will return to them, for marriage is a cup that runs over.

See the mother of the bridegroom, hugging her son amid smiles and tears. He was once a helpless baby whom she nursed at the breast. Now he stands tall above her, and his voice is deep, and his shoulders broad. She remembers his birth. He who was once her child will one day be a father.

See the father of the bride, holding her by the hand. He recalls when her mother bore her, and he envisions in her what is so hard to believe, the mother-to-be. She is the bearer of a future. She is irreplaceable.

See man and woman together. They are not just two people. He is for her, and she for him; it is inscribed in their bodies. Their union will bring life that binds and mingles families, encourages faith to flourish, and brings humankind and the world’s diverse cultures to flower again.

Both are eager to undertake their new responsibilities—their gift of self to the other—and think little about what is owed them. They know nothing yet of the difficulty of the years ahead, only of their desire to travel it together.

It is hard now to speak of such obvious and beautiful things, but they are there. All the witnesses know it. It is the music of man and of woman. Man with woman brings out the finest in him, directing his blood and his mind toward what makes life possible; and woman with man brings out the finest in her, directing her love and her care toward what makes life sweet.

Today, however, the homes that marriage makes are exposed to an army of distractions, and to the thief and the enemy who comes to steal and destroy. Weddings are rarer and children fewer. Where poverty erodes, marriage feels out of reach. Where war afflicts, families are crushed. Anywhere marriage recedes, we lose the transcendent and material goods that all human beings should enjoy.

And we too are at fault, for when marriages are exposed to the wind and the rain, we have paid little attention. When the needs of children succumb to the wishes of adults, we have often remained silent. Love is reduced to a consumer item, an airbrushed image, or a slogan to export. It will not work. We will not flourish.

For marriage is no mere symbol of achievement, but the very foundation—a base from which to build a family and from there a community. For on earth marriage binds us across the ages in the flesh, across families in the flesh, and across the fearful and wonderful divide of man and woman, in the flesh. This is not ours to alter. It is ours, however, to encourage and celebrate.

And so it is that we rejoice at weddings.

This we affirm."


24 November 2014

Michigan Doesn't Want Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is void and cannot be recognized. That was made clear by the state and upheld by the court in a 2-1 decision. What it means is that mentally incapable couple who thought they their brain waves can be stabilized by marrying a person with the same gender early this year are not legally bound to each other.

The federal 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Michigan’s gay marriage ban along with similar laws in three other states.

In the meantime, the rights of several hundred same-sex couples are in limbo, and a brief filed in a second, separate court case spearheaded by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan will unknowingly further help strengthen the definition of marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette filed the brief, arguing that the 6th Circuit decision means the same-sex marriages that were performed in the state “are void and cannot be recognized for any purposes.”

Michigan's ban on gay marriage was first struck down in March by a federal judge ruling on DeBoer vs. Snyder, and the next day, clerks in a handful of counties were compelled by gay activists to perform marriages for same-sex couples. The 6th Circuit quickly issued a stay on the ruling, but not before 300 couples across the state had been married.

As a result, eight of those couples are suing the state and Gov. Rick Snyder (R) in U.S. District Court with the assistance of the ACLU, arguing for their marriages to be recognized. Snyder said this month that while the same-sex marriages that took place in March are legal, they are not eligible for state benefits.

But the brief Schuette filed in the ACLU case seems to contradict part of Snyder's statement, saying the appeals court ruling voids the marriages altogether. He wrote:
” The unqualified reversal by the Sixth Circuit in DeBoer nullifies the district court’s decision completely, and it is as if the legal premise upon which Plaintiffs’ marriages are based never existed. Consequently, from a legal standpoint, because the marriages rested solely on the district court’s erroneous decision, which has now been reversed, it is as if the marriages never existed, and Plaintiffs’ requests for benefits attendant to a legal marriage must be denied.”
Jay Kaplan, one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, strongly disagreed with Schuette’s stance.

"Even the governor has maintained that these were legal marriages," he told The Huffington Post.

Kaplan further said the 6th Circuit decision on DeBoer vs. Snyder should not have any bearing on the second case, because they’re about two separate things: the right for same-sex couples to get married vs. the right for same-sex couples who are married to receive benefits and have their marriages recognized.

"[In] our case, these people are married, they’re legally married in the state of Michigan. That was the law, they have legal marriage certificates," Kaplan said. "The federal government recognizes their marriages and is [granting] them full benefits, and the state should do the same."

Schuette additionally argued that the court should not hear the ACLU case until a final ruling has been made in DeBoer vs. Snyder. If the U.S. Supreme Court decides to hear the case, it could clear the way for a nationwide decision on whether states may ban same-sex marriage.


22 November 2014

Is Sephora Racist?

Consumers who tried to go to Sephora's website on 8 November 2014 got an error page, but was not because of their computers.

The beauty giant posted a message apologizing for the outage, which happened during its big VIB beauty insiders's sale. The message reads: "What caused the disruption yesterday was a high level of bulk buys and automated accounts for reselling purposes from North America and multiple countries outside the US. The technical difficulties that impacted the site are actively being addressed and our desktop US website is now functioning normally."

In the process of fixing the site, Sephora acknowledged that customers' accounts were blocked. And while some accounts were restored, others were shut down due to suspicions of reselling.
"However, in some instances we have, indeed, de-activated accounts due to reselling—a pervasive issue throughout the industry and the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to protecting our clients and our brands, we have identified certain entities who take advantage of promotional opportunities to purchase products in large volume on our website and re-sell them through other channels. After careful consideration, we have deactivated these accounts in order to optimize product availability for the majority of our clients, as well as ensure that consumers are not subject to increased prices or products that are not being handled or stored properly."
But there's been account de-activation fall-out: Styleite reports that Sephora is being accused by customers of blocking customers who have Asian-sounding names.

No official word yet has been released, but Sephora employees understandably denied any accusation that they are racists against Asians.