01 August 2015

Driver Speaks About Accident Caused By Jenner

Bruce Jenner Car Accident
Jessica Steindorff, the driver of the Prius involved in the fatal car crash in which Bruce Jenner was also a driver, is speaking out against the man who pretends to be a woman.

The talent manager, who attended ESPY Awards as a guest last 15 July, issued a statement exclusively to ET online, denouncing the positive attention surrounding Jenner amid ongoing lawsuits relating to the crash.

31 July 2015

NAN Should Check The Mirror First

Kid Rock
Activists are wrecking havoc in the lives of peace loving people of Detroit recently after they demanded that General Motors end the Chevrolet brand's sponsorship of Kid Rock's summer tour.

Most specifically, members of the National Action Network (NAN) led by Rev. Charles Williams attended a meeting with GM executives to pressure the musician in abandoning his plan to continue to display the Confederate flag at performances.

30 July 2015

Trump Still Leads In Presidential Surveys

Trumping the Surveys
After all the bashing and negative publicity that left-leaning media networks (i.e. The Huffington Posts and Yahoo!) throw at him, his popularity is still surging. And now, among the candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, GOP voters want to see more of Donald Trump.

According to the results of a new CNN/ORC national survey released last 26 July, 52 percent of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents want Trump to stay in the race, while 33 percent would like to see the outspoken real estate mogul drop out.

29 July 2015

Google Calls It "Scarborough Shoal"

Scarborough Shoal
Least they would be branded as Chinese agents, Google did the right thing by removing the Chinese name for a South China Sea shoal bitterly disputed by Beijing and Manila from its maps service last 14 July.

After a Filipino outcry, Google Maps website referred to the rich fishing ground - a subject of a case lodged by the Philippines at an international arbitration tribunal - by its international name, Scarborough Shoal.

28 July 2015

Trump Puts Rude Reporter in His Proper Place

Make America Great
Liberal media network are sending their best field reporters to cover the controversial real-estate mogul Donald Trump in his trips and public appearances in order to capture any embarrassing or compromising situations and to put him in an uncomfortable position. They are hoping that such instances will weather away some of his popularity and jeopardize his presidential ambition.

Unfortunately for this media outlets, even their laid best plans can backfire and make their failure a public humiliation.

27 July 2015

Trump's Business Surges Despite A Small Hump

Donald Trump's Business
The so-called protectors of political-correctness and rights advocates could not have worse time to criticize Donald Trump. Instead of attracting supporters to their cause and alienating the billionaire and his business, the reverse has taken place.

Critics of the real-estate mogul hailed the decision of several minor organizations to cut ties with him after he cited what many have ignored before: lack of appropriate border measures to keep the undesirable aliens away from American soil. He also appropriately called Mexican illegals as rapists and murderers.