11 July 2009

Rich Boys, Deadly Boys

Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN
Whether it is a hate crime or a fraternity war, nobody can really ascertain. However, one thing is clear Don Albert Philippe Cueto Pangcog (pictured above) was beaten to a pulp with lead pipes until he lost consciousness. Fortunately for him, he was not killed even after he was able to claw the bonnets off his attackers face and memorize their identities.

The Ateneo law student later identified his alleged attackers as fellow law students Mark Bryan Magno, his brother Mark Lester, both residents of Filinvest-1, Quezon City and Joya Condominium, Rockwell Center; Carlos Lim, from Pilar Village, Las PiƱas City and Palmeras Building, Palma St., Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City; and Randy Garcia Echaus, of 45 Valle Verde Mansion, Pasig City.

In this country where poverty levels are still very high, an alleged crime committed by one of the member of the affluent society against their rich colleague would hardly evoke any interest in barber shop talks or in the side streets Quiapo. Nonetheless, since the brazen attack was carried out against a victim who is also capable of hiring goons, guns and gold, the debate about spoiled rich kids welding too much volatile ego capable of exploding anytime rumbles on.

Crimes like the one mentioned above are imprinted in the public’s mind, despite government claims that violent crime is falling and that they are dispensing justice equally. And just when everyone thinks things could not get any worse, the public prosecutor's office will take charge of the case. Can anybody on this planet recall with certainty the conviction rate of this institution?

Before anyone can answer that question or even say 'dream on', sniggering candidates for the 2010 national election will most probably take up the cause of the victim and prattle at a press conference about their propose measure to solve the problem. Fine bloody politicians we have.

Makati City chief of police Senior Supt. Cedrick Train said that aside from Mark Bryan, the other suspects are at large. He added there have been numerous calls from various quarters following up on the case but declined to name any of them or their position in government. "Andaming tumatawag; kung sino-sino but rest assured we would not succumb to pressure and we would handle this investigation properly," Train said

Once again everyone see that as far as this political nonentity is concerned, the rich families are trying to use their clout to influence the outcome of the investigation. It might be a better idea if Senior Supt. Train just name who these people are, built more jails in Makati and locked them up even without proper charges. And if these families of idiotic spoiled brats continue to pester the investigators, feed them to the equally idiotic Abu Sayyak bandits.

Instead of delivering another mealy-mouthed banality that solves precisely nothing, the government might be more effective in doing their jobs if they can effect a harsher penalty for those involve in hate crimes. They can start by increasing the jail term of those convicted to at least 15 years without any chance of parole or pardon regardless who is the sitting President. Once that is done, everyone can just sit back and watch senseless beatings disappear, unless police authorities are sleeping on their jobs.

It should also be the time for the government authorities to involve parents in crimes like this. They should be penalized for failing to control or report their wayward kids. Also, the government should sentence to death all their idealist social engineers who have spent the last decade or so encouraging family breakdown and dismantling the value systems that taught kids some respect and social responsibility. These are the same incompetent social dreamers that has dumbed down the education system and made many children follow in blind fate the teachings of the Catholic Church.