26 November 2011

Horrific Punishment for Child-Killers Needed

Bring Back Death Penalty
The third week of November 2011 will not be remembered by the residents of Laguna and Batangas as the week that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was charged in court for election sabotage nor a week when the beneficiary farmers of Hacienda Luisita will finally get the land that they hungered for years.

The third week of November 2011 will be remembered as the week when three innocent children were hacked to death by still unknown assailants in two separate cases. The mothers of those children were also brutally murdered in a clear case of robbery.

first case happened in Lumban, Sta. Cruz, Laguna where the bodies of Dolor Olarte, 39, and her two sons Kemp, 13, and Arvie, 9, were found at around 9:00 A.M. on 21 November at the first floor of their two-storey home. The murder was so brutal that Kemp sustained a hack wound in the neck that almost beheaded the boy. There were also hack wounds on his left arm meaning he tried to thwart the attacks.

The suspects were believed to be the errand boy and distant relative of the family, Alex Pereja, between 18 to 19 years old, who was nowhere to be found after the incident. The father of the murdered boys was working abroad and has yet to learn the fate that befell his family.

The second incident happened on 25 November before dawn when Marialyn Sangalang, 25, and her daughter Kim, 5, were discovered dead inside their residence in Bagong Calatagan town in Batangas. Both victims were found hacked to death and sustained multiple hack wounds in their bodies.

Unlike the first case, the police have not found and suspects yet in the murder of Marialyn and Kim. However, witnesses believed that robbery seems to be the motive for the attack.

In the two cases above, it appears that the public need to get their opinion taken on how the government should deal with those who commit heinous crimes against children and women. Maybe it is time for the public’s views on whether death penalty should be revived or not.

When people already know about it and have established views then it is quite simple. The hard ones [opinion polls] are when people need to have an issue explained to them. Historically opinion polls on capital punishment have been commissioned by newspapers when there has been a heinous crime.

Some avid human-right guru may argue that death penalty is not a long term solution, and it doesn’t address the root cause of crime which is poverty. I don’t think there is any debate on this. However, death penalty was not meant to be the solution, but to serve justice.

All human beings deserved to live in a world or a place where proven child-killers are meticulously punished and killed. There may be no effect on the overall crime rate in the country, but it sure as hell will reduce, if not totally, eradicate the population of sick individuals who take advantage of a child's weakness.