24 February 2012

No Respect for Child Rights

Massacre in the Philippines
Lawlessness and cowardice reared its ugly head this week in two provinces in the country when children were senselessly included among the victims of two separate incident of massacre. Murderers of helpless children know that these innocents have no way of fighting back against brute force, hence, they decided to show their lack of conscience by killing them.

The first of these murders happened in Barangay Tininghalang, Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur on 23 February 2012. Ten gunmen gunmen led by a certain Amie Andi arrived at Sitio Bihing around 5:00 P.M. and without any warning started shooting and lobbing explosives before fleeing the area.

Instantly killed were five people including three children, namely: Daryl Daano, 2 years old, Henrito Bayamban, 11, and Rex Langhay, 9. Also among the injured are Regine Banghulot, 2 years old; Ranran Banghulot, 6; Larabelle Banghulot, 12; Judy Ann Banghulot, 14; Benedict Banghulot,10; Justine Siay, 7; and Monjour Tambagel, 15.

In Lopez, Quezon province on that same day, four people, including two children, were found dead with multiple hack wounds inside their home. Police identified the victims as Teresita Osana, 60; Victoria Osana, 40; Kim Cyrill, 11 and Jerick, 6.

All five victims were all found inside dead inside their house with no signs of struggle, which led to the initial belief that they were killed while asleep.

Now, can anybody tell me how in the world can anybody contemplate on reforming these criminals? The government should stop spending tax-payers money in trying to catch these oxygen-wasting criminals, but, instead reward those who can kill them in the most gruesome way possible.

Criminal elements who target children to satisfy their demonic urges to kill just for the sake of killing need to be brought to the crocodile farm and used as daily fodder to giants like Lolong. They have no place in a civilized society and the society should stop cuddling them in guise of respect for basic human rights.