05 September 2012

WANTED: Rodelo Velasco

WANTED: Rodelo Velasco
On 19 January 2010, Jaime Labsan Sr. woke up from loud knocks on his room followed by screams. When he was able to push the door to his room, which was tied from outside, he saw his 32-year old son, Sorato, soaked in blood.

As he searched for his other children, he found his 19-year old son, Ariel, also bathing in his own blood.

"Si Ariel, may tama [ng palakol]. May tama pa siya sa leeg," Mang Jaime tells ABS-CBN Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO).

Then he discovered his 14-year old daughter, Jaramie, in the same gruesome state. "Ganoon din, nakatihaya, nakataas itong pang-itaas niyang damit," he recalls.

He found his youngest son, Jaime Jr. under the bed wounded, but alive. His granddaughter, Heidi, also survived the slaughter.

With the help of their neighbours, the two survivors were rushed to the hospital.

Mang Jaime knows only one person can do this horrific crime against his family and that is Rodelo Velasco. Velasco was a person whom they have treated like their own family. He is a person that they trusted and have allowed into their home and found out later had developed feelings for 14-year old Jaramie.

Two days after the gruesome murders, the surviving victims—Jaime Jr. and Heidi recalled how Velasco committed the crime against their siblings.

To date, Rodelo remains at large. Regardless, the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in San Fernando in Pampanga charged him with 2 counts of murder, rape with homicide, and 2 counts of frustrated murder.