23 October 2014

Amalilio Freed and Can Stay in Malaysia

Manuel Amalilio
Can anybody still remember the man behind the PhP 12 Billion scheme perpetuated the Aman Futures Group Philippine Inc? His name is Manuel Amalilio. He was captured in Malaysia, but now he is free, unless Philippine authorities managed to get him back to the country.

The Borneo Post reported that Amalilio, whose Malaysian name is Mohammad Kamal Said, was released by Judge Ainul Shahrin Mohammad "after a representation made by the family of Amalilio ... to the Minister of Home Affairs under Section 47 of the Extradition Act 1992 was granted."

Filipino authorities could have requested for a transfer of custody, but Malaysian prosecutors said there was an instruction from the Minister of Home Affairs "not to extradite [Amalilio] to the Philippines."

Amalilio, along with other Aman officers and Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co, is facing criminal charges for syndicated estafa for the firm's alleged pyramiding scam. However, the Malaysian fled to Sabah in November 2012 after President Aquino ordered his arrest.

He was then arrested in Kota Kinabalu on January 2013 for carrying a fake passport and ID. The court later sentenced him to two years imprisonment for carrying a fake passport.

The Aman Futures head was supposed to be extradited to Manila in February 2013 but his deportation was blocked at the last minute.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, who helped the 15,000 Filipino victims bring charges against Amalilio, said no less than Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman blocked the Aman Futures head's repatriation. Musa, however, denied the claim.

A Philippine Star report earlier said Amalilio is Musa’s nephew.

Malaysia’s opposition head Anwar Ibrahim confirmed: "Yes, his mother is Musa’s first cousin. Amalilio’s real name is Kamal bin Said, born in Beaufort, Sabah."

"The mother is Zubaidah Omar, cousin of Chief Minister Musa Aman,” Anwar detailed. “Haji Aman (Musa’s father) and Haji Omar (Zubaidah’s father) are brothers."