06 November 2014

Dr. Mahathir: Marriage Between “A Real Man and Woman” Only

Dr. Mahathir
During Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's tenure as prime minister, Malaysia experienced a period of rapid modernisation and economic growth, and his government initiated a series of bold infrastructure projects. This is the reason why his views are widely respected and revered.

And when Dr. Mahathir views the suggestions for complete equality between the genders as an impossible goal, not a few agreed with his position.

Speaking at the International Islamic Forum (IIF) in Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir said gender role reversals in the pursuit of equality were misguided. There could be no complete equality due to “incontrovertible physiological differences between men and women”.

"Stupid idea suggests that men do what women do and women do what men do. Muslims must be prepared to defend the stand that there is no absolute equality. It’s not possible," he said in his keynote address at the packed forum.

The staunch supporter of third world development and critic of undue American influences said that while there can be equality opportunity for women, such as to become the country’s Prime Minister, similar openings should not be extended to “other matters”.

Dr. Mahathir, who was prime minister for 22 years of Malaysian prosperous period before resigning in October 2003, also said men are getting “less and less educated” than women, pointing to the smaller number of men in universities.

The lack of equality between the genders, he said, is also one reason why some are lobbying for same-sex marriages.

"It will be a sad day when women start looking like men and men start looking like women. I regret the day where there will be no distinction between men and women," he told the forum.

To the delight of everyone in the forum, Dr. Mahathir added that ‎a marriage should be between "a real man and woman."